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1st Annual BTW Rally
Forsyth, MO
August, 2005

Tuesday Morning at BTW Rally

Onionhead's trike.

Oscar's gas tank.

Trike with wings.

JJ and Norma's Trike.

Trikes seen at Shoals Bend RV Campground

Scenic overlook of the river as you come into Forsyth on Hwy 160 from Rockaway Beach where we stayed. Ed and our trike at the overlook.

Back at the rally, I took pictures of a few more trikes. There were too many there to take pictures of them all, these are ones that caught my eye.

Under the bigtop at the Rally. It was

Ed just relaxing.

Just hangin out.

Just a few of the Trikes lining up for the trike show. It took a long time to get everyone registered.

Trikes in the parking area.

I never heard this one run. They pushed it to the show area.

We left to go eat while they counted the ballots for the trophies.

Lady and a local pulling the winning 50/50 ticket.

Wednesday we did Branson

The lake at Rockaway Beach

Bridge on HWY 76.
A bunch of trikers camped at the park under this bridge.

Tablerock Lake above Branson.
Seen from the "Duck".

Assorted amphibius vehicles stored on the mountain.

Once "The Duck" took to the waters of Tablerock Lake
we passed this paddle wheeler.

We came back to the Rally after "Riding the Duck" in Branson.
Ed talking to Jim about our trike.

Went back into Branson and visited Ripley's "Believe it or not" museum.

Ed next to the tallest man in the world.

Coral with intricate carvings.

That evening we went to the Shepherd of the Hills outdoor play.

Me in front of the entrance sign.

Ed in front of a waterfall there.

Tower that overlooks the Ozarks

Entertainment before the play begins.

He did a few rope tricks.

During the play they actually set fire to a log
cabin. You can feel the heat clear up in the stands.


View of Rockaway Beach from the Island.

Ed in front of the sign on the island.

Another nice trike

Just before the parade into Forsyth.

Friday we headed home

This McDonald's on I-44 in Oklahoma claims to be the largest McDonald's in the World.

Ed with I-44 behind him.

McDonalds sits over I-44.

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