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Friday Evening at the KOA in Amarillo

Some are sitting on Doc's front porch.

Some are sitting in front of it.

Doc talking to the new arrivals.

This trike won the Factory Built class on Sunday.

Talking some more.

The people in the group have changed.

One of the trikes from Colorado.

This one's color kept changing depending on the light.

This is Archie's Trike .

Saturday Morning before the Poker Run

James and his trike.

Our trike.

Bone's old trike with a new paint job.
It took 3rd place in the show on Sunday.

Jenny's Trike took 2nd Place in Sunday's show.

Oscar's trike.

Trike from Pampa, TX.

Mac and his V8 trike.
It took 1st Place

Bobcat and Fran's Trike.

James & Donna with their trike.

Our trike's handlebars and switches.

Lining up for the poker run.

Waiting for the call to start.

Grizzle and Sandra on their trike.

Getting Raffle Tickets.

Cassie and her son Zack.

Marine Trike

Linda, Bud and others at the Raffle Ticket Table.

Stool with BTW emblem was on the auction block.
Danny was our auctioneer.

Road Kill.

Gabby on her factory trike, don't know who her partner was for the game.

Noel and Sandra.

Crowd watching the games.

Noel and Brandy

Sarge and his wife, whose name I can't recall right now.

Linda driving, Sharlemane is her partner for the game.

Another shot of the crowd.

Danny and James waiting for the first helmet toss.

Jenny getting ready to toss.

Ed's wind up.

Checking out how far it went.

Sunday was for Church and the Trike Show.
There was going to be a Tatoo Contest, but Ish wasn't able to come to the meet this year.

Carol and Brandy on our front porch swing at the KOA before biker church services.

Gabby singing before the sermon.

Pete preparing to give the sermon.

Charles singing after the sermon.

Zack sitting on our trike.

Ed and Zack

Trikes lined up for the trike show.

Mack swinging Zack.

Mack getting a game medal from Doc.

Joel and Rob getting their medals

Noel and Sandra getting their medals.

The activities are over, time to relax and kick back.

Later there was Karaoke and a little dancing.

Noel singing.

The Karaoke audience.

Sandra, Noel and Brandy.

Sharlemane singing Karaoke.

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