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Elect Ted Wemhoff 
WGI Mid-America Regional Director

Winter Guard & Percussion Directors of the Mid-America Region:  

My name is Ted Wemhoff.  I have recently accepted a nomination to become your Regional Director.  I hope to take few minutes of your time to introduce myself, share what experiences I would bring to the position, and outline my vision for the newly created Mid-America Region which includes the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

I have been associated with the pageantry activity through both drum corps and winter guard as a performer, an instructor, a circuit administrator or judge since beginning in 1983 at the age of 13.  These activities have positively impacted my life through the excitement of performance and the joys of passing on what I have learned to others.  I draw on these experiences in my everyday life and want others to have the same positive experiences I have been so lucky to be a part of.

I am proud of my accomplishments as a performer and instructor in this activity. However, the accomplishments during the last 7 years as a member of the North Texas Color Guard Associationís executive board are what I am most proud of.  During the past seven years, along with my wife who was circuit president and the various other NTCA e-board members we served with, NTCA saw the following accomplishments:

  • Membership in NTCA grew from around 20 members to over 120 members during the 2003 season. A 600% increase.

  • NTCA forged a strong relationship with the Texas Color Guard Circuit and itís judging association. Together we dramatically increased the quantity and quality of the adjudicators for our circuits.

  • Authored the proposal that awarded the Dallas/Fort Worth area a WGI regional in 2003 for the first time since 1991.  This proposal supported the creation of an additional regional in the Mid-America region and provided a statistical analysis showing the region would support three regionals.

  • Served as the primary contact with the regional director after regional was awarded.

  • Established and maintained a website for the circuit 5 of last 6 years

  • Helped to facilitate and supported judges/instructor yearly clinics including one of only 4 WGI Regional Judges Academies

  • Developed overall circuit classification and promotion structure.

  • Began a percussion division to expand the performance opportunities for students

  • NTCA was home to three WGI medalists including two WGI Gold medalists.

Philosophy on the Activity
The great thing about this activity is it provides a positive, educationally based experience for all of its participants regardless of their competitive level.  The numbers show participation in this activity on a national level is greatest in the A and Regional A classifications and herein lies the strength of the activity.  Think of WGI as a pyramid, itís strength lies in its base. By building and nurturing this base, the pyramid as a whole can reach ever-greater heights.  

My philosophy is all unit members, regardless of classification or national standing deserve equal representation.  Providing consistent and positive representation to this region would be my goal and I believe it will help provide all unit members with the positive WGI experience they are looking for.

Goals and Vision for our Region
The newly created Mid-America region consists of three states (Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas) and contains the second largest population of locally competitive units.  As regional director I would set a few attainable goals which will ultimately be beneficial to all members in the region.

Regionals  - Because of the high concentration of competitive units in our region I would like to ensure in the future this region receives a proportional number of regionals as other less populated regions.  This will allow for the activity and the member units to continue their maturation and growth.  It gives units who wish to experience WGI regional competition the ability to do so and gives units with nationally competitive aspirations the exposure they need without having to break the bank traveling thousands of miles.

 Open Communication Ė Sometimes communication from WGI to the local units can be tenuous at best.  It would be my goal as your regional director to provide for an open flow of information between WGI and you the member units.  I propose doing this by:

  • Creating a Mid-America Region website to help disseminate important information concerning our region to you.

  • Be a voice for your ideas or concerns about our region to the WGI executive board.

  • Facilitate communication between all the local circuits in the region to strengthen the Mid-America Region

Provide a consistent and strong voice for you Ė Above all I would provide a consistent and strong voice of representation to an area of the country which is experiencing the largest growth in the activity.  The opportunities for continued growth in our region is without limit and I would like to see that potential realized.

Ultimately my goal is to provide all units the representation they deserve and to bring the experience of this activity, both color guard and percussion, to as many participants as possible.  Thank you for your time and your continued support of this wonderful activity.  I would appreciate your support to represent you and all the units in the Mid-America region.

If you attended the Lone Star, Mid-America, or North Texas WGI Regionals in 2003 you will soon be receiving a ballot from WGI in the mail.  Please remember that in order for your voice to be heard you need to participate in the process so please vote!

If you would like to discuss anything concerning the 2004 WGI Regionals or any other concerns you may have with our region please feel free to reach me at

Ted Wemhoff