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Tracy Leigh Harmon Tributes



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My Dear Tracy,
Here it is-2005. You have been in Heaven almost five years. I miss you, yet I know you are so happy and at peace. I remember so many times how you and I had such good times, laughing, and yes, crying together.

One time your Mom had brought me a piece of raisin pie and you came over, grabbed my pie and bit a hunk out of it. I said "Hey!! You could have at least used a fork!!!"

Sweet Girl, I can still see your smile and your laughing eyes. I was so proud to be your Aunt. Each year brings me closer to the day when I too shall go home to Heaven where you and I can laugh together once again. I love you, Girl!! Hugs and kisses.....til we meet again.

Aunt Joyce Harmon Raborn

My Daughter, Tracy
Tracy was a beautiful girl and woman who strived to better herself at all times. She struggled for years to get her life together and to have a good relationship with her children.

She loved the Lord above all, I believe, and yearned toward Him always. She was a sad woman, but always had a big smile around her family. We all loved her and miss her every day.

One thing that keeps gnawing at me are all of the letters and cards I got from her and how sad and lonely she was and how hard she worked to achieve something. She had always wanted a good job, a home of her own, and a good vehicle and then when she finally achieved those goals they were snatched away from her by that evil person she was married to. She was so proud of her accomplishments but never even got a pat on the back from him.

There is a huge crack in my heart that will not close until I am once again with my beautiful daughter. My arms will ache until once again I can hold her close and tell her just how much I love her.

Tracy's Mom
Dolly Ruth Cook Harmon

Dear Tracy,
I miss you so very much. There is not a day goes by that I don't sit and think of you and wish you were here for me to talk to. I miss being able to pick up the phone and call you when I can't think of some song or actor's name or whatever....between the two of us we had all the answers, didn't we? I talk to you a lot when I'm sitting outside alone in the dark. I feel you around me on occasion and wish that I could reach out and pull you close for a hug.

You would be in hog heaven with all of the grandbabies you have. Ashlyn is 5 now, Trace will be 3 soon, Cutter is 1-1/2, Lucas is 15 months, Sandler is 2 months old and you have another grandson, Alex, making his debut in December. I hope that you know that they are here. Mandy, Lauri and Alex are all doing okay.

Tracy, I don't think you ever realized just how much you were loved here on this earth. I truly believe that no one who ever met you ever forgot you. Your personality lit up a room and your laughter always brought smiles to everyone. Your passing left a big hole here in this world and no one will ever be able to fill that void. I hold you tightly in my heart and I am certain that one day I will be with you again. I hope that you can feel all of the love that I send to you every day that I breathe. I love you so much and my heart will never stop aching for you. Your birthday is coming up soon, 45 years!! I wish you were here to celebrate it this year. From October 1st until after New Year's are really hard for me because there are so many dates that bring sadness to me because you are not here. But one day I will come to you.
I love you, Tracy.

Your big Sissy,

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Tracy Leigh Harmon
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