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Tracy Leigh Harmon Poetry



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The River
We cried you a river
From all over the land
Cried you a river
Standing hand in hand
We call each other to cry on the phone
Just so we’ll know we’re not alone
In this grief that’ll never end.

The river flows from heart to heart
No matter how very far apart
We are from you and your blue eyes
Way up yonder in heavenly skies
The river brings us all together
Through clear or stormy weather
To keep you alive in our minds.

Not a day goes by without a tear for you
To keep that river flowing through
To bring our love up there to you.

The River
Dedicated to my dear sister, Tracy Leigh Harmon
Sonya K. Ashe 6/8/2001 ©

Here it is, your 41st year
Nothing to give you but a silent tear
Flowers that you’ll never see
Arranged with love for you by me
Each year will pass and you’ll never grow old
Or so we’ve always been told.
I’d love to hug you close again
Close our eyes and new life begin
If wishes were rainbows
The sky would be full of color
Water colors mixed with tears
For all of our lost years
Happy Birthday, Tracy Leigh
With all my love for you from me.

For my sister
10/26/60-11/15/2000 ©

(For Tracy)
“What is wrong with me?” She’d cried all
through her life.
“Why can’t I be happy?”
At a loss as a mother and a wife.

Trying to fit in here on earth
Never knowing she was being
tested for a higher destination.

Her wings were hidden underneath her skin
Causing confusion from deep within
Never losing her faith when days seemed hopeless
Letting God guide her on every path.

Making her marks as she went through life
Leaving fingernail marks as she fought with the devil
And hug and kiss marks on those she loved.

She envied those she thought were happy
Never knowing that she would find happiness first
The rest of us had just accepted and settled in
Knowing we were stuck here for a longer time

Maybe if God had let her in on the plan
She wouldn’t have been so sad
But His ways are not to be known.

She was loved so much that he took her
off of life’s highway
Blessed her wings and called her home.
She never faltered as she spread her wings
Her happiness found and sadness gone

Now, she looks down, all knowing, and asks..
“Why aren’t they happy? Don’t they know what’s
down the road?”

She has forgotten how she was
before she spread her wings.
Angel wings replace all bad memories.

Thank God for Angel wings, love and miracles.

Sonya K. Ashe
2/19/2002 ©

All her life she’d looked in vain
for someone who could ease her pain.

But all the strife and woes she had
were always added to, with bad.

The men she knew, the ones she wed,
Always messed up her head
with more burdens than she could carry.

She begged and prayed, then prayed some more
for peace upon some distant shore.

Then one night the Lord came down
and offered her wings of white
and a golden crown.

She looked at Him, then at her life,
then reached up and took his hand.

At last she had found “The Perfect Man.”

In loving memory of my daughter,
Tracy Leigh Harmon
October 26, 1960-November 15, 2000
by Dolly Ruth Cook Harmon ©

Another year now come and gone
These three years seem so long
I think of you each and every day
Your happiness is for what I pray
I wish that I could turn back the hands of time
So that you’d be here with a life sublime
Filled with joy, surrounded by those you love
Blessed forever with light from above
But I know you’ll never walk here again
But one of these days, I know not when
I will walk with you, hand in hand
We’ll laugh and talk and laugh some more
Walk and run on that bright, distant shore
But for now in my mind you will stay
With wishes for a very Happy Birthday.

Sonya K. Ashe
(For Tracy’s 43rd Birthday)
Oct. 26, 2003 ©

To My Sweet Sister
I already miss your big blue eyes, that lit up whenever you laughed;
And the way you found humor in things, even when there was none.
You’ve been my best friend for so long and I don’t know what I’ll do when I need a
confidante who can understand me. I am so very sorry that you and me and our
family could not rid you of the evil that controlled your life these past few years.
None of us were strong enough, alone or jointly. I loved you no matter what choices
you made or where the road led you. You were my baby and I hurt so much for you
and the life you had. Your weakness was loving people not worthy of you or what
you gave. You thought God was not listening to you, not hearing your prayers; but
Sweet Sister, He heard them all. He knew you could never break away and have the
peace you had searched for all your life. He answered your prayer and got you away
from all the things that brought you so much grief. In the blink of an eye He had you
wrapped in His loving arms with peace at last. No more pain or tears.
I will miss you forever, Tracy Leigh, and not a day will go by that you are not in my
heart and in my thoughts. I am at peace knowing that you have yours at last.

To My Sweet Sister
From Sonya
(This was read at Tracy’s Funeral) ©

Broken Wings Healed at Last
By Joyce Harmon Raborn
(Tracy’s Aunt)
Dear Girl, I, in my flesh
can’t understand why
You had to say goodbye;
With my spirit, I do see,
Your wings were crippled
here on this sinful shore,
They couldn’t rise above
the pain and misery you had to feel.

So, God in heaven above
took you away, so you could
spread your wings, be totally free.
Free to be all that you were,
letting the peace you sought occur
He knew exactly the time
that your spirit needed space,
the right moment to see his face.

His love covers you now,
Wrapping you up in righteousness,
as you stand at His throne.
Your wings repaired, being brand new
For ages and ages, through eternity.
We who are left behind
wait patiently, until at last
We too enter in to live with you.

Written in loving memory of
Tracy Leigh Harmon Beal ©

Mother Lies Sleeping
Her dress is as blue as her lovely eyes,
Now closed in peaceful sleep.
Now in the presence of the Lord,
Forever her soul to keep.

Her life was long and useful
For those in need, ever there.
A loving wife and mother,
Now in the Lord's tender care.

God came and called our Mother
Not quite forty seven
He said it was time for her to go
He had a place for her in His heaven.

All her kind deeds were recorded
In the Book of Gold
All the wondrous things she had done
To deserve her place in His fold.

We know she'll be there waiting,
When we climb the Golden Stair.
Until that time we know she is,
Forever in God's tender care.

By: Lauri Donathan

Mom thought that love would fix everything

My Heart
My heart is full of cracks, breaks, holes and tears.
A lifetime of history can be seen there.

I used to feel that it was battered beyond repair
Until I looked closer and found you there

One crack opens up to gorgeous blue skies
Or is it a reflection of your blue eyes?

Through one of the holes I hear the echo of your laughter
And your voice sharing some idle chit- chatter

There is a crack for all the hard times you had
And tears that came with the good and the bad

I look at it differently now, that damaged heart...
Especially now that we are so far apart....

I don’t think it’s really a heart full of holes
But a heart that is full and nearly whole....

It holds memories of you there, laughter and tears,
Echoes of your voice, your sadness and fears.

With every beat it whispers your name
To remind me that you’re there just the same.

No matter how far we may be apart
You’ll live on forever right here in my heart.

For Tracy
From My Heart
By Sonya K. Ashe

Still Missing You
Happy 46th Birthday, Sweet Tracy.
It's hard to believe you've had five birthdays in Heaven.
It's odd how at times I can't believe it's been nearly six years,
and at other times it seems like 106 years.
I miss you as much now as I did when you first left us.
I think of you so often and wish you were here with me.
Time has not healed the wounds,
and most likely never will;
But I think that is okay, to me you are worth every
heartache and every tear I've cried.

So, Happy Birthday to you!!
And remember always that I Love You and
I am missing you still.

Sonya K. Ashe
October 22, 2006

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