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My Christmas in Houston


On this page there are going to be pictures of decorations and family that was here. I hope you like the pictures!

This table is in the living room. It was for all the yummy snacks that were set out.

This is in the, well, Dave calls it the den. I call it the sitting room. Whichever you want to call it, Grace has a beautiful huge cabinet in there. These are some of the decorations that are on the shelves.

I love this lil train, I think it is so cute. It's sitting on a small shelf, on the other side of that window in the back is the kitchen.

This is a ceramic tree with lights. Gramma used to have one sort of like it in her bedroom there where you first walked in. It is a pretty little tree.

This is the Christmas tree. The first picture was with the sitting room light on, the second was with it off. It is a pretty tree and looks really nice. Grace has more Christmas spirit than I do though. It didn't go up until Tuesday.
Me? I would have said just forget it and wouldn't have a tree. Yeppers, just call me scrooge lol.

And now on to family! Here a few pictures of the Baldridge clan.

I figured I'd start off with Dave. I only got one pic of him, but there he is! m He standing behind his mom at the stove.

This picture is of Dave's gramma. I admit, not the best picture, but still, it's a picture.

This one here is Grace, John, and Jim. Grace, of course is right next to me, then it is Jim (the dad) and then John (bro in law). Poor John wasn't feeling well and we were only the first stop of the day for him.

This on here is of Beth, the sis in law and soon mom to be. It includes Cameron, better known right now as her belly, who will make his way into the world in March. I told Beth I wanted of pic of her and her belly. She willingly posed, yay Beth!

I wanted to show a closer pic of this drawing on the wall. Jim did it and it is sooo pretty! You should see the things he can do. He is really a talented guy. It boggles my mind sometimes when he shows some stuff he does. I can't believe I know someone who can do something that cool.

That is all the pictures I have for right now. I know I know we should have taken more, but .... we were opening presents?
Which leads us to our next page, what we got for Christmas, wooohoooo.
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