Fort Worth Diocesan Council

A Walk For The Poor

A walk for the poor is ‘a walk with God’,
love we shower to give, as our utmost,
when we worship the Lord, the Almighty Father, thy God.
Did He not send His Son, to walk on this earth
because of His redeeming mercy and love?!

Jesus, our Savior came to dwell here on earth;
in a journey so short, so full of tears and sufferings!
Yet He walked with mankind in this world.
He walked with the poor, the suffering and the lost,
how much love then can we give, and what will be its cost?
When He was here on earth, He said, “follow Me and carry your cross”.
A walk for the poor, in an unseen long road of this life’s grand coasts.

A walk for the poor is a ‘cradle’ with His love, the
unspoken languages of our souls,
as we thank Him for the bounty and the blessings in our lives.
A walk for the poor is a ‘journey’ full of His hope and love,
as we embrace the poor in humanity bringing light and life’s beauty.
Oh, my Lord, the Giver of all, I humbly offer Thee...
I beseech, abide in me, and let me walk for the poor tirelessly.

copyright@Crescenciana C. Ticzon-Bokhari
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