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  • Saint Vincent de Paul Conference
    3829 Helmsford Drive Arlington, Texas 76016
    Phone: (817) 478-8206 Ext. 401

    “The order of the society is based on two virtues: justice and charity.”

    The Saint Vincent de Paul Church Church Conference
    is a parish based Conference composed of 11 participating members and 7 Associate members, Vincentians. The basic activity of the conference is to visit the needy in there homes symbolizing our Vincentians’ commitment to reach out to the needy, rather than require them to report to an outside service site. Vincentians’ always visit in pairs ideally composed of both genders, various age groups, and different life experiences, so that a better perspective of the needy person’s situation can be gained and various courses of action can be explored. Visits are made in pairs for the protection both of the needy person and the members. Christ Himself set the precedent when He sent out the Apostles two by two (MK 6:7).

    OUR FOUNDER: Blessed Frederic Ozanam (1813-1853) Recognized as the prime founder of the Society of St Vincent de Paul, Blessed Frederic was that rare individual who exhibits both intellectual genius and extraordinary holiness. Husband and father, professor and researcher, journalist and author, apologist and defender of the faith, he was above all, a Good Samaritan