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~Heart Don't Do This To Me~

~He Says It Again~

You can think that,
I'm just playin' games
You can think I,
do you wrong
You can think that,
I don't mean a word I say
You can think what you want

You can think you're gonna'
stop the way
I feel about you
Baby you're just wastein'
your time
Cause I'm not changin'
my mind

Can't stop the rain
from fallin' down,
Can't stop the world
from turnin' round, Ohh
Can't stop my heart
from lovin' you
No No, no no,
no matter what you do baby

You can trust that,
I'm gonna' stay around
You can trust I,
treat you right
You can be sure that,
I won't ever let you down
Sure as there stars in the night

You think they'll ever come a day
I'll live without you
Baby you're as wrong as can be
Can't change the way that I feel....

~Heart Don't Do This To Me~

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