COMPLEX PREMISE: Life is a rut. One day you wake up and realize that for the last five years, you've pretty much had the same exact day over and over. Something set you on this path long ago & only when you realize what it was and that you need to change to survive to the next day can you overcome the rut. Change is your savior & complacency your demise. THE STORY Solid Opening - Captures Attention! Introduce Lane and the song stuck in his head. Relate the Protagonist to the Audience Show Lane's rut. The same things that plague most lives. Complacency. Dead end job. Same routine each day. Central Conflict Figuring out how you've become a complacent piece of shit and struggling to do something to change your life for the better. Conflict Resolution & Twist Lane discovers the very thing (Kira Pavlov) that sent his life into a downward spiral. The twist is that while he remains oblivious to his surroundings, someone else is living the same life only with Lane as their personal demon. IDEAS WITHIN THE STORY The repetitive nature of life. Include the song stuck in his head, work, after-work, home activities. The Ladder Theory: Everyone wants something better than what they've already had. They want to move up to that next rung. Conclusion that life has spun to this point because of that one event in life that changed you forever. When you think you have things figured out, you find out that things aren't what they seem at all. CHARACTERS LANE BRYANT: Apt #137. Lane is pretty much your Average Joe. He's moderately handsome, but not overly impressive. Quite simply, he's one of the unnoticed people in life. Late 20s. Light brown hair. Consistent five o'clock shadow. Blue eyes. He's generally a happy-go-lucky type, but he does have his demons like everyone else. JIM DANDY: Apt #237. Jim is Lane's upstairs neighbor. His name in actuality is not Jim Dandy, it's Rob Fraley. Lane refers to him as Jim Dandy because he's always telling him to have a Jim Dandy of a day. JD is in his early 30s and by all outward appearances, doesn't appear to have anything better to do with his life than sit out on his 2nd floor balcony and smoke. The unique thing is that Lane has never actually met him face-to-face, he only converses with him from the confines of his porch and JD's balcony. The Four Neighbors LOOGIE: Apt #181. Another neighbor whose real name Lane does not know. It's Kazo Tanaka, but Lane and JD affectionately refer to him as Loogie or "Loo". Why? Every time they see him, he's hocking one up. Kazo is a computer programmer who works odd hours and is usually seen late at night/early in the moring. He's got a scruffy, worn look to him with ragged black hair and he's usually wearing some sort of t-shirt with jeans. He's in his mid-20s. PAY PHONE: Apt #165. Lane's neighbor directly across the parking lot. Referred to as "Pay Phone" because he is seen once or twice a day only and he is always scurrying down to use the pay phone by the office. He's a college student, a squatty guy in his early 20s. Usually wearing Frat t-shirts and jeans or shorts with no shoes. He's got a shaved head. His real name is Steve Dexter. TANK: Apt #265. Tank lives in the apartment across the parking lot on the 2nd floor. Lane and JD dubbed him Tank - real name Robert Harris - one night after seeing Robert race from side to side on his balcony one night, pounding his shoulder into the side of the building without stopping for five minutes. Tank has a body builder's physique, a House of Pain tattoo on his right arm, tanned skin, a goatee and very little hair other than that. He's in his mid-30s. He's a mechanic when he feels like working. THE HOTTIE: Apt #152. "The Hottie" is the girl who lives across the parking lot in one of the bottom floor units. Lane and JD have decided that she must be a stripper. She's always coming home around 3:00 am, most nights with a guy and she drives a Lexus. She's a knockout. Reddish-brown hair, penetrating green eyes and a body that a Barbie Doll would be jealous of. The only time she's seen during the day, she is usually dressed in a skimpy workout type outfit headed for the gym presumably. Since her name is not known, Lane and JD like to try out different stripper names on her. Amber. Aprhodite. Candi. Ecstasy. Gabrielle. Illusion. Kitten. Montana. Passion. Sapphire. Tabitha. Vanity. The Staff AVA: She's the uber-zani leasing agent at the complex where Lane lives. She's in her early 30s and is usually clad in some sort of snappy business attire. HECTOR: He's the head maintenance man at the complex. He's in his 40s. Fortune 500 JESUS MARTINEZ: Lane's boss. Jesus is in his early 40s and is your proto-typical hard ass boss. He's usually wearing a pair of slacks and an untucked, tacky dress shirt. He's got slicked back black hair. His number one rule, an unoriginal thought from a movie: Don't Fuck with the Jesus. ALLY ESCOBEDO: Ally serves as Lane's source of sanity. She has known Lane since their days in high school and has always been the person that seems to be there to pick Lane up when he is down. She's not a girl who falls into the "hot" category, but she is cute even if no one seems to recognize it. She's got dark hair, brown eyes and a pretty nice body that is usually hidden under the kind of clothes she wears. She's in her late 20s. JIM BEAM: Lane's partner in crime at work. Lane dubs him Jim Beam because that's his favorite drink and what he usually brings to the situation when he and Lane interact. His real name is Jimmy Dobbs. He's in his late 20s and is one of those guys who self medicates to deal with life. He's got a worn look to himself. Glasses, dirty blonde hair and is usually unshaven. 1. INTRO LANE BRYANT Open inside Fortune 500. LANE BRYANT is seen sitting at a desk with a bowl of fortune cookies to his right. Lane has both his hands in his hair, looking as if he wants to pull it out by the clump. It's invading his brain again. Everyone knows the feeling. At some random moment, at least once a day - everyone experiences it. There is no avoiding it. Thinking about it, only makes it worse. What is it? It's that song. THE SONG. The one that is stuck in your head, day after day for no apparent rhyme or reason. For Lane, it's the Spice Girls. Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. So tell me what you want, what you really, really want. I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. These lyrics and the people who created them to die a most heinous death. This is what hell must be like. Hell with fluorescent lighting. 2. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR At some point in your life as a young adult, you have aspirations. You want to be something. A doctor. A lawyer. A garbage man. The crazy bum on the corner that will let you yell at him for $5. For Lane, during his college career he wanted to be a business big shot. Work for a Fortune 500 company. When people tell you that you should be careful what you wish for, Lane Bryant is what they mean. Lane works for a company named Fortune 500. He works as a fortune writer. Tuition, room & board and books for an Ivy League education: $50,000. Studying instead of partying to move up the ladder and become more attractive to the business world after graduation: $0. Seeing your business degree from Harvard wasted as a fortune cookie write: PRICELESS. 3. DON'T FUCK WITH THE JESUS Rules. They're what keep people in check. They're what keep people in ruts. Enter JESUS MARTINEZ, Lane's boss. The first and only rule at Fortune 500, Don't Fuck with the Jesus. Jesus' ode to movie lore for his rule is not lost on Lane, it is lame. Then again, so is the job. Yo I'll tell you want I want, what I really really want. To take that one rule and shove it right up Jesus' ass. But like most, Lane cannot. He has bills to pay and writing fortunes is paying those bills. So Jesus barks out orders and Lane has to comply. ALLY ESCOBEDO and JIM BEAM should be introduced in this segment. They help Lane keep his sanity at work. Ally being Lane's sensible side while Jim serves as an outlet for Lane's mischievous side. 4. THE DEAD END An appropriate name for the place where Lane ends each of his evenings. A dive bar inhabited by pretty much the same crew from night to night. Including Ally, Jim and the bar's owner, COOP. Lane peers into the bar as he leans back against his car outside. He knows things could be different if he went elsewhere, but he's trained himself to do the same thing every day and he knows he'll go inside, throw down a couple drinks and then wind up masturbating at home to the image of a girl he didn't have the nuts to go hit on. Lane will pass a girl on his way in that has penetrating green eyes, eyes that seem familiar in some way. The night is then a blur of exactly what was expected.
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