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Full country name: Scotland
Area: 30,414 sq mi (78,772 sq km)
Population (1996 est.): 5,128,000; density per sq mi: 168.6
Capital City: Edinburgh
Largest city: Glasgow, 1,361,000 (metro. area), 1,099,400 (city proper)
People: Celts, Anglo-Saxons
Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II
First Minister: Jack McConnell (2001)f
Head of Government: Prime Minister Tony Blair
Major Industries: Banking and finance, steel, transport equipment, oil and gas, whisky, tourism
Capital (2003 est.): Edinburgh, 663,700 (metro. area), 460,000 (city proper)
Monetary unit: British pound sterling ()
Languages: English, Scots Gaelic
GDP 72,989 million (2002)
GDP per head 14,440 (2002)
Labour force 2,563,000 Feb - Apr 04
Employment 2,410,000 Feb - Apr 04
Employment rate (percentage of working age)74.5% Feb - Apr 04
ILO Unemployment 5.9% Feb - Apr 04
Average gross weekly wage (full time) 436.80 (Apr 03)