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Business Hours

Punctuality is expected and is important at social events and business meetings.

Business meetings should be scheduled outside of the summer months as this is when Scots tend to go on holiday.

Business hours, in general are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Business Lunches

Business Lunches

Both lunch and dinner are preferred times for business entertaining.

Dinner parties often take place in homes, and spouses are regularly included on these types of occasions.

Business entertaining also occurs in good restaurants.

At a dinner party, the host and hostess will usually face each other at opposite ends of the table.

Keep your hands above the table at all times.

Your fork should be kept in the left hand and the knife in the right hand at all times

Indicate that you have had enough to eat by leaving a small amount of food on your plate.

To request the bill in a restaurant you should lift your hand and pretend that you are writing on it, a small 10-15% tip is in order.

Business Meetings

Business cards should be printed in English as this is the national language.

Bring a plentiful supply of business cards as Scots are keen to exchange them.

Senior executives in the majority of Scottish companies are known as managing directors and these make the final decisions.

Refer to things that originate from Scotland as "Scottish."

It is recommended to bring presentation materials accompanied by visuals such as charts and graphs.

During a presentation reserve time for questions and answers.

If the meeting becomes informal ensure that you still remain professional in your attitude.

Follow up a meeting by sending a summary of results to your Scottish counterparts.