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Tips On Successful Painting

Mary J. Eades
Owner and President
Porcelain Creations
Silsbee, Texas
(409) 386-1569

What Prompted Me To Teach!

Porcelain Bisque: Same as Porcelain China only exceptions are

1)No glaze
2)Different color of slip
3) Thickness poured.

Porcelain Bisque is domestic and poured in America and is considered "soft" by Porcelain Artist and considered hard by the Ceramic world. It is considered soft only because "Porcelain Paint" has to be fired at higher temperatures to adhere correctly. Porcelain China Paints fired too hot will burn and take on too dard and colors will look really dark!. Porcelain Paint on Porcelain Bisque should not be fired no hotter than 018 or approx. 1375.

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