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Porcelain Creations of Texas

What Makes Porcelain Creations Special?

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Porcelain Creations

For over twenty years, Mary Eades has been involved in the art of painting porcelain. During the last twelve years she has had the pleasure of teaching others the fine art of porcelain painting.

Mary's background has included painting in oils, water color and acrylics. She is also accomplished in pastel and charcoal sketches, greenware, bisque and glazed ceramics.

Mary Jo, as she is known, is a member of The Golden Triangle PAC, the Texas State Federation PAC, the Texas Teachers Association, IPAT, WOCP and PPIO, also works with individuals, clubs and interested organizations. She has also received her certifications as Master Artist and Master Teacher from IPAT. In addition, she presently serves as the First Vice President of IPAT.

All of these qualifications and talents are put to work, along with a personal love and dedication, in the day to day operation of PORCELAIN CREATIONS. Her bisque porcelain is light, smoothly polished and translucent. She is dedicated to taking PORCELAIN CREATIONS to the next level of quality and success by implementing new ideas, new techniques and a variety of media and pieces.

Mary is available to assist you by answering any of your questions concerning bisque or porcelain glaze painting in general. In addition, because of her love for the art, she is available to teach seminars, club demonstrations and scheduled instruction events.

(409) 386-1569

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