2020 Footsteps of the Saints
          Inspiring Role Models For The 21st Century

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"... join us for an inspirational journey where Nuns contract to build a staircase that became an archeological wonder, cliff dwellings where Indians lived 400 years before, etc ..."

    The purpose of the 2020 Footsteps of the Saints Pilgrimage is to provide a larger than life experience for our Scouts while working on National Catholic Committee on Scouting programs. Cost $ TBD. Date: TBD. Call John Ryan at 817.939.5673 ...Catholic in good standing, Registered BSA Boy Scouts Age 12 (on up) and a long term camp experience, Scouters Diocesan and Scouting YPT and typical week long trip requirements. All attendees eligible to earn 3 International Scouting Awards (including the new Catholic International Award). Email or web page ... Join Us!!

Our goal
  is to provide
an inspirational moment ...
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... That each Scout
And Scouter
Can enjoy ... on our
trip through the heart of
New Mexico and Philmont!

Inspiring Role Models
For The 21st Century!

Philmont Mass
Retired Bishop

Bishop Olson

Philmont Scout
Ranch Visit

Japan Scout
Sponsor Family

St Paul
Miki Patch

Visit To
Big Texan


What We'll Do

Bishop Olson Visit
  • Bishop Olson endorses our Pilgrimage Program!!
  • Our Pilgrimage Progarams have been given Excellent ratings by 90% of Scouts and Scouters attending!!
  • Come with us!
The Groom Cross
  • Pictured here: Life Size Statues of Last Supper And Our 2014 Group
  • Life Size Stations of Cross
  • See 17 Story Cross
  • Life Size Replica of Calvary behind our Group
  • Life Size Garden Tomb of Jesus (just like in Israel)
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Walk the paths the "ancient ones" walked but they did it over 1,200 year ago at Bandolier Canyon!
Find out why they disappeared...
Please contact John Ryan for more information by


Our Adventure Begins!

Bandolier Indian
Cliff Dwellings
  • Climb inside a Cliff Dwelling
  • Learn how they lived 1,200 years ago
  • Walk thru the Indian Ceremonial Ring
  • Climb over 100 steps into a giant amphitheature where they held all their major ceremonials (100 feet off the ground in a cavern)
Philmont Scout Ranch
  • Pictured here is the Tomahawk Throw at Kit Carson Museum
  • Visit Villa Philmonte
  • Visit Thomas Seton Museum
  • Visit Philmont Training Center
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Witness 2,000 Scouts a day arrive at Philmont 2,000 Scouts depart and enjoy what some
call the "Disneyland of Scouting"
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An Inspirational Journey!

Loretto's Chapel
  • Experience An Engineering Marvel known the world over
  • Meet 100s of Pilgrims Who come from all over the world to see this staircase
  • We'll watch the movie before arriving to explain the story
Church At Chimayo
  • Pilgrims Arrive With Crutches and Walk Out On Their Own Feet
  • A Cross Found In The Sand By A River Led To The Church At Chimayo Being Built
  • See the Wheelchairs and Crutches of Those Cured
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Fr Rocco has ministered over this parish for over 50 years. He says "he's the
smallest priest for the smallest parish."
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Wonderful Faith Journey

"Miraculous Staircase"
in Santa Fe, NM
  • Catholic Japanese Boy Scouts of Nippon fly from Tokyo Japan to travel by bus with us
  • Catholic Japanese Scouts make a presentation About Japanese Saint Paul Miki
St Kateri Tekakwitha
  • Our Lady Scouters marvel at the story of the first native american indian canonized to sainthood
  • The Statue is in the front of St Francis Cathedral in downtown Santa Fe
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Please contact John Ryan for more information by sending an
or calling 817.939.5673


Wonderful Faith Journey

We Have Fun Learning About Our Saints
  • This Scout Just Won A Bible Trivia Contest and received a religious article for his reward!
  • Scouts from 12 Troops, 5 Catholic Diocese and 2 Countries Travel With Us
  • Scouts discover that we are all meant to be on the Road To Sainthood!
One Of Our Pilgrimage Groups
  • BSA Scouters, BSA Scouts, and 3 Boy Scouts of Nippon (Japan) Catholics participated in an inspirational faith journey across Texas and New Mexico. Many of these will return for our 2020 religious expedition.
  • NCCS Chaplain and NCCS Chairman joined us for this picture
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Please contact John Ryan for more information by sending an
or calling 817.939.5673


International Awards

Catholic Jamboree on the Internet
  • Pictured here are our BSA Scouts in Ft Worth and 5 Boy Scouts of Nippon (background of picture) simultaneously sending emails to each other as part of a Catholic International Jamboree on the Internet.
Finishing Up Awards
  • For the FIRST time in Longhorn Council history, 91 International awardees ... YOU (Scout or Scouter) can be a part of Catholic Scouting history in 2020
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Please contact John Ryan for more information by sending an
or calling 817.939.5673