2017-18 Catholic Scouting Calendar
          Diocese of Ft Worth

    The following are dates provided during our annual planning session. Please advise if any revisions, deletions or additions.

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8/31 Unit Recognition Applications Due

9/17 Diocesan Scout Summit Org meeting (St Ignatius) 230pm

July Planning General - Reminder - Include 3 Vocation Events on Scout Calendars

9/23-24 Diocesan Scout Summit.
Scout Retreat 9/23 and
Scouting Fun Day 9/24
AAD and Pope Pius Counselor Training 9/24 at 2pm
St Ignatius High School grounds

10/29-30 Observe Priesthood Sunday.
See www.catholicscoutingmall.com web site, "vocations," for more info on the spiritual bouquet program."

11/5-11 National Vocation Awareness Week.
Pray for more vocations.
See www.bsaccs.org web site for several Vocations prayers to say as a Scout group or family.

11/19 Catholic Committee Meeting 230-430pm (Location: TBA)

12/01 Bishops Dinner (Good Shepherd Catholic Church; Colleyville, Tx)


01/28 Catholic Committee Meeting 230-430pm (Location: TBA)

02/04 Scout Sunday

03/18 Catholic Committee Meeting 230-430pm (Location: TBA)

04/01 Easter Sunday

04/07 Ten Commandments Hike

04/22 National Day of Prayer for Vocations. Pray for more vocations. Use the same prayer as above.

05/20 Catholic Committee Meeting 230-430pm (Location: TBA)

06/01-02 Lone Star Trade O Ree (Tentative) fund raiser.
PLUS Shakedown for Pilgrimage

07/16-21 Footsteps of the Saints Pilgrimage (Tentative)

Note: Training for AAD/PPXII Counselor/Facilitator and Religious Emblems Coordinator will be scheduled as needed.