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Spicewood Winery

The walk start was set up in the shade out front of the Spicewood Winery.

As we completed the first loop we saw these walkers just heading out.

There were rose bushes planted at the end of each row of grapes.

Carol walking down between the rows of grapes.

After the vineyards we walked in the pasture.

Linda and kids were our first checkpoint volunteers.

Low water crossing minus the water.

More open pasture.

Dry creekbed.

Turn around.

Pretty mule.

The last of the walk was on the paved road.
Walkers on their way back in.

Checkpoint #2 volunteers.

We're almost finished, these walkers
are just heading out.

Pond with goldfish.

Memorial to Hal Guilford, volkssporter who died June 23, 2004.

Carol getting her book stamped at the finish.

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