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Lenore's Walk Diary | Guadalupe 1997 | Email Me

Guadalupe Peak
October 10, 2004

Anna registering for the walk which
began at the Pine Springs Trailhead.

It was cool enough
for jackets at the start.

Lenore has already shed her jacket.

Lenore waiting for us to catch up.
Walkers shedding jackets in
the background.

Walker coming up behind us.

Randy and Marilyn.

Looking up.

Lenore again had to wait for us to
catch up.

Ed and Carol watching Lenore.

A pretty flower in the trail.

I got ahead of Carol. She is coming along the switchback below me.

The trail ahead.

Ed on the switchback above me.

These West Texas Trail
Walkers passed us.

Looking back at how far we'd climbed.

A walker getting ready to move on.

A small section of
the trail was in the woods.

More walkers coming along
the switchbacks below us.

Robert was our checkpoint.
This was the 10K turnaround.

A bridge on the
side of the mountain.

View from the bridge.

Lenore way up ahead.

Carol with El Capitan in the background.

Another shot of the walkers behind us.

Ed taking a breather.

Another wooded section.

Another rest stop.

Monument at the top
of Guadalupe Peak.

Signing the book

Resting before heading back.

Carol joined Lenore.

Checkpoint Volunteer and
others near the monument.

Headed back down.

Another view of the bridge.

The trail looks
steeper going down.

Carol and Lenore at an overlook.

I posed at the same overlook.

Pieces of slate on the trail.

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