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Lenore's Walk Diary | Email Me

McKittrick Canyon Volksmarch
October 8, 2004

Walk registration at McKittrick
visitor's center.

Park ranger giving us a little
history of the area.

We had partly cloudy skies
as we headed off.

Walker from Midland.

Emeline on the trail in front of me.

Carol and Lenore further ahead
around the curve in the trail.

Ed stepped aside to let Charles
and some other fast walkers go by.

The group after it had passed me.

Our human arrow made sure we didn't
get off the trail.

Headed downhill.

Ed making good time on this
smooth section of trail.

Picture taken by Lenore of our group.


Robert leading this group
across the creek.

Scenic shot.


Gunie at the next creek crossing.

Looking downstream.

This walker from Arizona has finished the 10K to Pratt's cabin & is on his way in.

Trail leading on.

Another scenic shot.

Pretty tree.

Ladies from Kerrville.

Fall colors.

Another walker headed in.

One way trail. A San Antonio
walker waits to climb up.

The grotto.

Picture of Ed and I back in the grotto.

Activity at the 15K checkpoint.

Roz posed at the grotto.

On our way back we passed Edith
and Anna from Ft. Worth.

More fall color.

Entrance to Pratt's Cabin.

Resting at the cabin.

Bookcase inside Pratt's cabin.

Kitchen window.

Emeline and Carol enjoying some
trail mix before we head back.

10K checkpoint volunteers.

Two ladies from Austin.

Linda and her two girls.

Finish table volunteers
stamping Ed's book.

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