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Lenore's Walk Diary | Email Me

The Bowl 15K Volksmarch
October 9, 2004

Walk registration at Pine
Springs visitor's center.

Bowl and Springs trails split here.

Carol and Lenore heading off.

Emeline coming behind.

Rest stop.

Walkers ahead of us.

We're still smiling.

Carol took this picture.

Another rest stop.

Lenore waiting for us old folks.

Loved the cliffs.

Walkers ahead of us.

Tight switchbacks allow me to take
picture of Emeline below me.

Another ridge of mountains.

Still climbing.

Looking back.

You can barely see the trail on the mountainside.

More Trail.

Scenic View

We made it to the checkpoint before the cut off period.   We could have done the 22, but chose to do the 15K.  These were our nice checkpoint volunteers.

Enjoying the view from the top.

Another walker at the overlook.

Enjoying the more level Bowl portion.
Lenore took this picture.

Blooming Cactus.

Headed off into the woods.

Fall colors.

Patch of sleet.  It was cold on top.

Rest Stop.

More sleet on the trail.

Oh, Oh more climbing.
When do we get to go down?

Sleet and Yucca.

Climbing over a fallen tree in the trail.

Checkpoint #2.

People heading down.

Walker on the switchback ahead of us.

Tall steps made good rest stop.

Lenore waiting for us again.

Outcropping across the way.

Bear Canyon is rough going.

Where is the trail?

It started sleeting on us.

More boulders.

Fall colors.

More fall colors.

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