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Fort Boggy State Park

Sunshine and fog over the lake.

Carol getting registered to walk.

Lenore perched on the rock wall.

There were lots of different birdhouses.

The walk was made up of two loops. One loop was mostly meadow type with mowed grass and one short section of roadway. It was 3K. The other loop was a nature trail thru the woods. It was up and down and on rock and bare dirt. One small section was "boggy". It was 4K. Depending on how you combined the loops you could walk a variety of distances. Carol, Lenore and I walked the first loop once and the second twice for a total of 11K.

We started out on loop one.

Wide trail mowed in the meadow.

Sunlight and moisture made the plants glow.

We had some misty areas.

Short Wooded Section.

Walker coming up behind us.

Nice rock bridge.

The last of the loop was on the paved road.

The start served as a checkpoint too.

Loop two head out around the lake.

Planks laid over culverts to form a bridge.

James and company passed us.

Back around the edge of the lake.

Back at the start to do Loop two again.
This is the park pavilian.

Another view of the Lake.

Our route didn't go over this bridge.

This was the boggy section.

Carol getting her book stamped.

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