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Organization Overview
The San Antonio Soccer Referee Association, SASRA, is an organization dedicated to promoting the development, success, advancement, camaraderie and satisfaction of all members of our soccer referee community. Of course, such a broad mandate can mean many things to many people, and it probably means different things at different times. At the most basic level, our monthly meetings provide a vehicle for referees to obtain information regarding administrative requirements, law changes, tournament dates, clinics, classes, etc. However, we like to think that we offer much more than just concrete information. To those individuals willing to take an active role in their own development, we provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and strategies game management techniques, what works and doesn't work on the field, how to advance without burning out, and fitness plans. In summary, the main goal of SASRA is to provide a mechanism whereby each and every soccer referee in the San Antonio area is welcome to discover for themselves what it means to succeed in this avocation, how to get the most satisfaction, enjoyment and reward from it, and how best to achieve that success.

Our membership ranges from the entry level assistant referee up to national level referees, assessors and instructors.  This informal mentoring process is made possible by the unique camaraderie that exists among our members. We provide formal instruction at every meeting based on the USSF curriculum, and for our state referees and above, we offer advanced training for the higher level game. We engage in a year-long course of fitness training in which all referees are welcome to participate. We provide the occasional social function, and a lot of positive reinforcement and peer recognition for the accomplishments of our referees at all levels. Dues in the amount of $10 per year are used for various functions, purchase of SASRA coins, etc.  If you would like more information, email one of our board members by clicking on their name.

Jimmy Tirres

Vice President
Steve Duke

David Klauck

Tom Ledford