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Just a walk in the park

Ah yes fall and leaves are in full vivid color, the air is crisp, you just can’t beat a fall morning walk. Yesiree the old puppy and me, two old dogs just kicking the leaves and enjoying each other’s company.

Tubby and his wonder dog Molly have been walking the same path for over ten years. Down the asphalt then to the river, back around the soccer fields then home, a two and a half mile health walk, with a nice sprinkle of park patron chitchats. Mrs. Tubby is always impressed at the time we are gone, “You really put in the time on your walk, strange that you and that old dog never loose a pound,” she would say!

Tubby thought and giving this statement a careful evaluation decided it must be that Molly and the tubster are big boned, have a slow metabolism, maybe glands are to play in this phenomena, youbetcha something is a miss and Tubby Nevada is on the case, answers will be found.

Today’s walk would be the benchmark for my study, so I started this evaluation from the front door. Crackers for Tubby, milk bones for Molly “CHECK” nothing wrong here crackers are darn near health food, a little dry so I added a small ½ inch layer of peanut butter and a pint of chocolate milk just so I didn’t end up with dry mouth. Off we go at a slow but steady pace.

Two blocks towards the park and we run into this nice old couple who have some dog jerky treats for Molly and she gives Tubby a couple of mini Butterfinger bars just to keep my energy level up. We talk about ten minutes and off I ramble, got to keep the heart rate up you know, ah yes a true aerobic work out, health is pouring from my brow, or is that sweat?

As we enter the park we run into a lady and her dog that we see five or six times per week and stop for a quick chat. “Chocolate ship cookie,” she asks? Well sure, don’t want to be rude to an old friend, we enjoy our chat and our dogs eat a couple of milk bones after a nice hinny-sniffing greeting. Well Tally-Ho, got to keep going don’t want to cool down.

The concession stand is open and Molly just won’t be restrained so we grab ourselves a doughnut, I opt for the apple fritter, fruit is a good energy booster on a long walk, I have a cup of Joe and get in a little gab with the owner, oops loosing my edge I had better hit it and in high gear we go. Wow this is darn near a jog, well a fast walk for sure.

Out through the parking lot and a few stops with the new -shows who have driven to the park for a walk. Hmmm drive to the park, don’t they know it is healthier to walk to the park. I stop, taking a sit on a tailgate we discus the benefits of walking every morning. “Care for a sweet roll Tubby,” my tailgate host asked. Well it is a long way home, sure! I eat two sharing some with the wonder dog, and then waking her up from a nap we start the final crunch for home.

Arriving at the front door, Mrs. Tubby said, “Tubby you and Molly have been gone so long I bet you are both famished, I have a nice treat for you both. I wave her off and say, “NOPE, we walk for health and don’t want to ruin what we have accomplished by eating treats, wellllllll maybe just a little something, you know it was 2-1/2 miles.”

So in evaluating all the facts, I have come to this conclusion. The tubster and Molly must be big boned, with slow metabolism. Yea that must be it, if not how could you walk that much everyday and still gain weight. Well all this evaluating has made me hungry so I think I will wake up the old dog and grab a snack. Thanks for the visit Tally-Ho from Tubby.

Note: Molly lived a good life and at age 13 it got hard for her to make the park walk. She spent her days sleeping in the back yard, just an old dog enjoying her last days. One morning she woke up, barked for her leash, I hooked her up and off we went. Molly walked to the center of the park and found a comfortable place to take flop, just sniffing the air and taking it all in. She saw all her old friends as they passed by, got plenty of pats and treats, then after a rest we walked home. Molly never moved from her bed, dying two days later. Tubby still walks every morning and that old dog walks in spirit with me. She was one swell dog and I miss her.