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Tubby Nevada’s points to ponder?

Did you ever wonder why when only one hidden pile of dog shit exists in your yard, you would step in it? Hey how come after you stepped in it you don’t notice it until you are coming back down the hall? Hmmm what is this, you stop, stick your finger in it and then you look at your shoe. You still contemplate, “Where did this come from?”

How come when an old person dies it is a blessing and when a young one dies it is a tragedy, are they both not dead? Why do people say, that’s the way I want to go? Myself I don’t want to go, so make it a surprise!

Has anyone just gone to Hooters for the food?

Does anyone with full body tattoos hate plaid shirts?

How come the one lone moth in your whole house chooses your coffee cup to make a wet landing in? Do they like coffee?

You can smell a cigarette smoker 20 feet away yet they still think they can sneak a smoke!

Why would someone pee in a beer bottle? Wouldn’t a bucket or jar be easier? Hey here is an idea, how about using the toilet.