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waterfallThe suns first light shines down through the leaves of the trees in the mighty forest. You hear the breeze as it flows softly through the branches. It is so very still all but the birds as they sing their morning songs. The dew sparkles as the rays of light reaches down upon it. The sun comes down to earth as it warms itself and you can feel it upon your skin. You experience the peace as the new day begins.

She stand below the tall trees and looks towards the heavens with eyes closed and a dream in her mind. She is so magical and full of life. All that meet her are in wonder! Where has she come from this creature of beauty. The one that talks and walks with the animals as well as the humans. There is something about her but no one can figure out just what it is. Could it be she is an Angel sent from Heaven? Her walk is that of floating ever so softly. When she speaks a sound comes like no one has heard. Is this what an Angel would sound like? Her skin is soft as silk beneath your fingers and shines with a beauty all of its own. Yes she is a mystery and has so much to tell.

She is a story teller of many great tales. She sits on the green velvet grass among the wild flowers and animals come and lay beside her. There are birds,rabbits,deer,wolves and the tiny chipmonk among a few. The smell in the air is that of the wild flowers that grow along side where she sits. She smiles as she looks up to see someone walking towards her but yet is so very far away. She can not make out if it is a child or adult from here. But she notices that they walk so very proud and stand tall.

Many times she has sat in this very spot with all her wild life friends. But not always alone. Her heart fills with such pain thinking of him. It is like daggers going through her at the thought of him. She longs to see him just one more time. To hold him close to her heart as she has done in the past days. Oh why is she sitting here alone with all this pain. The tears stream down her face as this is not a day for stories but a day of sadness for her. She moves her hand as she feels a tear drop fall upon it. Her head looks up once again to see the figure getting closer to her.

He had left only yesterday to do the things he must do. Leaving behind a maiden sitting in the woods among the animals. She was so very pure and innocent and did not understand why he must go. This maiden of mystery to so many but not to him for he had touched her heart and felt the presents of her soul with him at all times. He walked with stride as he made his way back into the forest on this early morning. Thought rushing through his head as he picked up his pace. He had not much time left and he had said good bye already but could not let go and leave just yet. He had things to tell her that could not be left unsaid. Would she be in the same place he had left her the day before? Could he make his voice come out without the shaking sound as he spoke to her of the things he felt in his heart? He watched ahead to see if he could see her yet. He was getting close so very close.

She sat with a bird sitting on her shoulder and a rabbit on her lap, the wolf at her feet watching her. They waited for her to speak and so she did. She told her friends of the breaking she felt in her heart. As she spoke the wolf crawled slowly towards her lap and looked up at her face and rubbed his nose upon her cheek to try and wipe the tear before it fell. The deer that was at her side placed his head on her lap over her hand. She couldn't speak anymore so she sat there and let her friends console her.

He came up over the hill and looked down in the little valley that was there and yes oh yes she was there. She was not looking his way as he started to rush to her. He could feel her pain without seeing the tears that he knew were falling. He came up behind her and the animals noticed him. The wolf backed up and the deer lifted her head and looked at him. He started to reach out and as he did she turned. Their eyes met and no words were needed.

She stood up and his arms ingulfed her. As she felt his strength once again holding her away from any harm she started to cry. He took her chin into his hand and lifted her face towards his and their lips met. It was a kiss so full of love that when their lips parted there were no tears left and the maiden was finding it so very hard to catch her breath. He had never kissed her this way before. It was so full of his feelings for her. His mind raced as he now knew that she truely loved him.

He slowly guided her to the ground and sat beside her holding one of her soft gentle hands. He took his other hand and placed it upon her cheek and started to speak. He told her he didn't want to leave but that he had too. That there would be a day that he would return and never leave her side again. For now she would have to let the animals be there for her and love her. He told her that he did not want her to change or learn what hate is like. That he had to protect her and their future. She didn't say a word to him only listened to what he had to tell her. He then told her of his love for her how it raged within him. That he felt her with him at all times and protected by her love for him. Then he asked her to please become one with him when he returned. Only then would it be a safe place for them to live and share their love.