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Yes I'm a Sagittarius woman!

Sometimes i hate to admit it, but this stuff can be so true. There's so many things that characterize me to a 'T' it's not even funny! So i thought i would post some, just to give you insight on how to deal with a Sag like myself... and thanks Bird for letting me borrow your book!


Like all fire sign women she is at her most vibrant when she is in love. She is drawn to the excitement, passion, and sheer adventure of romance. Her attitude toward life is enthusiastic and positive, and being in love intensifies these glowing feelings. Where another woman might walk around in a dreamlike haze, a Sag woman in love positively radiates happiness and energy.

Sagittarius is also the sign of mental exploration. To her, love is not just passion but a challenge. This free spirit finds domesticity boring. She is the perfect playmate but only as long as s he finds the game worth playing. She is not one to make the best of a bad bargain. If she is unhappy, she won't resign herself or compromise or try to work things out. She'll just walk out.

She can't take love as seriously as other women do. It's part of life to her, not the end or the beginning. If she finds a man who's a real companion, who shares her pleasure in sports and the outdoor life, who likes to travel and hates to be tied down to any one place, then love is a wonderful extra added attraction.

Her exploratory nature may lead her to have a number of early sex experiences, especially the kind that begini quickly in an exotic setting and have a passion-in-the-moment edge.

She doesn't always percieve the consequences of romantic entaglements. To her, life means moving forward into the future, and each new love is a learninng experience. She doesn't take into account that when a romance is over it may leave behind a trail of wounded feelings. If an old lover harbors resentment, she is genuinely surprised.

She likes men and enjoys flirtations and maneuvers of a developing affair. In turn, men like her charming, easygoing manner and her acceptance of what the world is like. Other women may prefer the straight and narrow path, but Sag women can't help wandering over to the primrose path to pluck whatever blooms strike her fancy. When she does find her big romance, however, this is a woman who believes in loyalty to her man. She is romantic who will marry for love's sake rather than for money or social position. She wants a true soul-companion.

A sense of humor is one of her nicest traits, and she isn't interested in a man who lacks a sense of fun. She doesn't welcome tempestuous, heavy-breathing relationships that put her through an emotional wringer. What she looks for is a lover who can share her sense of adventure. She prefers men who are intellectually stimulating, well read, and well traveled. Sexually, she doesn't play control games. She wants sex to be truthful, genuine, very romantic, very impulsive.

Basically, Sag women enjoy life and tries to make sure everyone around her enjoys it too. When this clever, amusing, optimistic, high-spirited woman finally settles down with some lucky man, she'll be the most delightful companion he can hope to find.


You won't have trouble striking up a conversation. Sags are interested in almost anything. When they've talked themselves out on their favorite subjects, they'll decide YOU'RE a fascinating conversationalist!

Ask about their work, their friends, books they have read, and their reactions to a current new event. If you happen to like animals or outdoor sports, you are already halfway home with a Sag.

There is a fine line between taking an interest in their intrests and prying. Don't overstep tha boundary. Sags are very wary of anyone who might be trying to corner them. If talking about generalities gives you the feeling that you're sliding rapidly over ice, don't worry. Matters will improve on better acquaintance. You may discover, in fact, that your problem is trying to ingnore the direct, sometime overly frank inquiries that Sags will make. When they get to know you, they like you to share confidences with them or ask for their advice.

Sags like outdoor dates: dancing under the stars, open-air concerts, picnics at the beach, skiing or sailing outings. They usually avoid large parties or too-close quarters because they cannot bear to be hedged in or confined. Never infringe on their freedom. Never let your emotional needs intrude on their private lives. And you'd be wise no to put too much stock in their promises. Their words are writ on water.

Enjoy being with a Sag but dont think you've signed a lifelong contract, because Sags dont think so. And don't look back with regreat when it's over. Sags won't.


Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Symbol: The Archer

Dominant Key Word: I see

Part of the body ruled by Sag.: the liver, the hips, the thighs

Luck day: Thursday

Cities: Budapest, Cologne, Toldeo, Acapulco

Countries: Spain, Hungary, Australia

Special Color: Purple

Flowers: Narcissus, Holly, Dandelion

Metal: Tin

Danger: Sag people are subject to accidents of fire, explosion, especially while traveling. Their strong desire for freedom may also incite jealousy and possessiveness on the part of a lover.

Polarity: Gemini - Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy, higher learning, and broad concepts. Its natives are happiest while discovering new ideas, exploring distant places, and not getting tied down with personal commitments. Gemini, Sag's opposite sign, is the sign of personal expression and communicating "one-on-one." Gemini people are extremly verbal, love to give advice, and tend to try to guide other people's lives.

Sag's most likeable trait: OPTIMISM


People like Sag's sense of humor and their buoyant presence. No matter what goes wrong, their ready with an upbeat explanation and forecast for the future. They are the first to volunteer for help: colleagues and friends appreciate thier willingness to do favors. People like their frankness, although sometimes they think Sags can be too frank and that they put their foot in their mouth too often. To some they seem fickly and undependable, perhaps a bit too detached emotionally. In general, Sags are viewed as an unpredictable, independent free spirit.


The hips and thighs are special erotic areas for Sags. They like to be touched and caressed in these places. Both male and female enjoy kisses, nibbles, and delicate fingerng along the inside of the thighs and around the hips.


Ruled by Jupiter, planet of fortune, you appear to breeze through life. You are a Lady Luck's companion who seems always to be in the right place at the right time. Astrologers say you have the gift of providence- luck protects you. In work, friendships, career, money - a door opens just when you need it. Naturally, this makes for a cheerful and ebullient disposition. You have your dark moments, but clouds roll over quickly. You are too interested in what is going to happen tomorrow to fret long about what went wrong today. You are always sure that around the next bend of the road something wonderful is about to happen.

In Sagittarius, the enthusiasm of fire, the restless mutable quality, and the jovial influence of Jupiter combine to prodice an expansive personality who cannot be confined. Independence is your guiding principle. You are progressive, restless in spirit, eager to get on with the business of living- a free, adventurous spirit who thrives on new ideas and constant change of scene. Somewhere you picked up a chronic case of wanderlust, and you have no desire to be cured. The grass is always greener someplace else, and your restless, inquiring nature requires travel, excitment, and the unconventional. Sags, like its opposite sign Gemini, wants to KNOW. But whereas Geminis are happy to sample a new idea, Sags will follow it as far as it will go. In the zodiac, Sagittarius symbolizes the search for wisdom; this is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer.

Sagittarians are hard to pin down emotionally. You dont want to get bogged down in messy entanglements or anything that ties you down. You've got places to go and you're not about to sign up for anything that keeps you in one spot. The way to stay unfettered is to shy away from emotion. Sags rarely talk about thier feelings- they talk about what they THINK about their feelings. Time and again Sags are bewildered when their romantic partners ask for more passion and feeling. Becuase you keep one eye on the exit door and dont welcome enduring, profound relationships, sooner or later, you'll unknot the tie that binds.

Friendship, however, is a different matter. You are always willing to be a pal- and you are the nicest friend in the zodiac. Kind, openhearted, jovial, completely free of malice, you are always doing favors for others. You way of helping doesnt put the recipient under heavy obligation. "NO STRINGS" is a guiding Sagittarian motto.

Freedom is your most valuable possession. If it comes to a choice you'll take a difficult path, accept less money, dispense with security, do anything as long as you have to answer to only yourself. Your passion for liberty underlies all your other qualities. Prizing it as you do, you also willingly grant it to others. You don't meddle in other people's plans or interfere with what they think best for themselves, and you aren't possessive or jealous.

A sense of humor is among your most endearing traits. High-spirited and congenial, you are gifted conversationalist, a wonderful storyteller, and a born entertainer. Writing, publishing, TV, communications are enterprises in which there are many Sags. Famous Sags in these fields include Noel Coward, James Thurber, Mark Twain, Garson Kanin, Willaim Buckley, and Woody Allen.

You Jupiter-ruled people are unusually versatile. You have wide-ranging interests, and enough energy to do six things at once. What you lack is staying power. Before you finish with one project, you are off to meet the next challenge. One reason is that you become bored doing the same things, and boredom is your worst enemy, but another is simply that you must move on- and up.

In business you are imaginative and clever, ready to accept the new and to use it. But you perform best when there's something really important at stake. When you're down to your last chance to win, when it's now or never, you'll put everything you own on the turn of a card and redouble the stakes. You believe in your luck.

You are straightforward and honest. Your frankness make you easy to deal with because one doesn't have to spend time figuring out the hidden significance of unspoken clues or nuances. There is no hidden significance. What you say is what you mean. And you're willing to tell all who ask exactly what you think of them, their lifestyle, hairstyle, choices, lovers, you name it. The best part, however, is people can trust what you tell them. Your candid remarks are not meant to hurt; they spring from a desire to tell the truth. Ironically, you are rather thin-skinned and too easily hurt by a thoughtless action or careless rebuff.

The keyword in understanding Sags is POSSIBILITY. To be restricted or feel your choices are diminished is very depressing for you. You tend not to look at life at it is but as you want it to be. In many way, you rebel against being a grownup. Certainly, you know how to take on responsibility and you've proven yourself strong in the face of setback. Crisis brings out the best in you. It's the "dailiness" of life that defeats you. You have grand and wonderful ideas for an adventurous career or carving our a utopian life or helping the world become a better place. Then you procrastinate, let other deal with the details, lose interest in a plan- and wonder why you're stuck in the same place.

However, Sags are among the most likeable people in the zodiac. True, you can be extravagant and wasteful, even on occasion reckless and irresponsible. True, your life is full of forgotten appointments, missed deadlines, unfinished projects. True, your emotions can be shallow and your commitments almost nonexistant. Overriding everything, though, is the fact that you're fun to be with. So what if you promise the moon and everyone knows you won't deliver. You know it too. There's nothing underhanded or secretive in the way you deal. You play with all your cards on the table.

Impetuous, buoyant, charming, you hitch your wagon to the merry-go-round of life and ride it with insouciant elegance.


Like Scarlett O'Hara, your motto is, "Tommorrow is another day." Even in your darkest of moods, you believe there's a light shining around the corner. Your confidence in the future is genuine, but you hate anything interfering with your plans. You have a hunger to experience life to it fullest- to travel, meet interesting people, and see things you've never seen before. Anything new sparks your interest. In fact, you'll usually say yes to a suggestion without weighing its merits simply because it lifts your spirits. And while you're not exactly a moody person, you are high-strung and can become irritable when you start to get bored. You may think no one cares about you or understands you when you're feeling this way, but luckily your belief that you're someone special always sees you through.