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Århus, Denmark                                       Spring 2003

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Ingen Krig (Anti-War) Protest, Copenhagen

Sightseeing, Copenhagen

Sightseeing, Århus


                  Arhus Universitet                                              Den Gamle By (The Old Town)              


                                                 Cooking Class & Dinner                                       Dinner at Guido's                                      Carnival Planning Party                                               


Estonian Independence Day Party                                                       Ashley & Sunita's Wine & Cheese Party                            

Carnival Party

Guido's Party                     

Sunday 3.23.03


                          Girls' Night                    ISC Film "Gala"         SPRING!!!   Risskov Beach --- Moesgård Forest --- Botanical Gardens              

Fiesta Loca

Ravnsbjerg Music Festival

Guido's Birthday

Belgian Night


    Risskov Beach...                         beach again...                                   Lunch--university canteen                                                                   beach again...                                                Copenhagen--boat tour


Superhero Party

Tammy's Barbecue

The Funky Alcoholics:  Markus & Danilo's Performance on Århus Student Radio

"Family Dinner"


Karen & Ashley                         ISC Barbecue                                                                                          Cafe Loco 6.14.03                                                                    



Markus' Party, etc.

Paddy's 6.20.03

 1:00am                    2:40am                    3:00am                       3:20am                      3:47am

Camping at Moesgård, 6.21.03 (Longest day of the year!)

Saint Hans Day


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