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Welcome To Mai Page


Name- Hoai Vu aKa Brian Vu                                                          

Location- Fairfax, Virginia                                                             

Ethnicity- 110% Viet                                                                     

School- Luther Jackson                                                                           

B-Day- 7-19-90                                                                                 

Aim SN- Lilaznvi3tboi87                                                                   

Hobbies- Going on the Comp, cuz I have no life

Dislikes- Going to school

Stats- Single for now…. Still searching



Shout Outs 2..…Michelle, Tina, Loan, Nancy, April, Briget( from my church), Kayla, Cati, Kim Nguyen, Tammy Pham, Tammy Nguyen (from my church), Chris, Ky, Nathan, Jeremy, Jay, Chi Chi, Richard, Michael Nguyen (my cuz), Ethan, Eric, Garrett, Stan, Thai, Iliana, Bashir, Julie( All the way from Massachusetts!) and TELL me if I forgot ne one.