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Lavaca County Wildlife Management Association


Spike Hunting Contest: Click here for entry form and more details.

Introduction The Lavaca County Wildlife Management Association (WMA) is composed of about 5 or 6 different co-ops. The Vienna WMA boundaries are as follows:

The north boundary is Hwy 90 A and the west boundary is CR (county road)13 from hwy 90A to CR 132, east on CR 132 to CR 134 to FM 530, across from FM 530 to CR 15 to the Lavaca River, and the Lavaca River to the county line or beyond.

The east boundary is the Navidad River from 90 A to FM 530, then FM 530 to the county line or beyond.

The south boundary line is the Lavaca River / Jackson County line.

Vienna Wildlife Management Area  has 134 active members and over 46,000 acres. (as of Sept 2000) 


News Info on Lavaca County Wildlife Management Association fall meeting. ( The Lavaca County fall meeting will also include all 6 WMAs in Lavaca County). Honey Creek, Rocky Creek, South Central Lavaca County, Sweet Home, Vienna, and West Sandy Creek WMA. The fall meeting will be held Sunday September 21, 2003 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Hallettsville, Texas.Doors open at 11:00 am. Doe permits will be distributed. A stew meal will be provided. We requested members to bring a dessert.

The Sweet Home WMA will have a fall meeting on Sunday September 14, 2003 at the Sweet Home Community Center.Doors open at 10:30 am. Meal served at 12:30 pm.

The Texas Big Game Awards ( TP&W ) will be held September 13, 2003 at the K. C. Hall in Hallettsville.

Lavaca County WMA 5th annual Post Harvest Meeting will be Sunday Feb 15, 2004 at the K C Hall in Hallettsville.

We were introduced to the new Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden for Lavaca County. He is Kerry L Peterson .  He can be reached by calling the Lavaca County Sheriff's dept at (361) 798-2121.

The gate signs have arrived. Each landowner that is a member of the Lavaca County WMA receives one free sign, courtesy  of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Additional gate signs are $ 12 dollars each, and we have only a limited quantity available.

The Lavaca County WMA is always in need of  door prizes we can give away at meetings. Any donations  are welcome. Thank you to anyone who has donated items.

All of the Lavaca County WMA groups decided to order baseball style caps. These caps are available in camo and plain patterns. There are 4 patterns available. The caps are being sold for $ 12 dollars each. The caps cost the WMA approx 9 dollars each.


WMA Officers

President - Thomas Grahmann

Vice President - Ken Hakemack

Secretary / Treasurer - Wayne Rother

Director - Gary Brown

Director (new) - Mike Meitzen

Director (new) - Karl Henneke

Past President - Ed McCrumb


WMA Co-ops




Rocky Creek W M A 20 5000
Honey Creek W M A 34 9024
South Central Lavaca County W M A  81 20916
Vienna W M A 45 14221
West Sandy Creek W M A                     25 15000
Total  205 64161


Important Contacts

Police - call 911

Lavaca County  Sheriff  Department - (361) 798-2121
-For spotlight surveys give information  to Sheriff dept at 361 798-2121

Lavaca County fire Department - call 911 or non emergency  (361) 798-5391
-For management controlled burns call fire dept (361) 798-5391

Hospital - Lavaca County Medical Center:  (361) 798-3671

Gene Rees - Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist
304 South La Grange
Hallettsville, Texas 77964
work: (361) 798-2625
home: (361) 798-3810
fax: (361) 798-2304

Kerry L Peterson - TP&W Game Warden      
Contact Sheriff's Department: (361) 798-2121
Home: (361) 798-XXXX
-Notify the TX P&W game warden and the Lavaca County Sheriff's Department before conducting spotlight game / habitat census.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Operation Game Thief - (800) 792-GAME

Jason Rose - Texas Big Game Awards Certified Scorer
Home: (281) 374-6828
Work: (281) 351-0031

Hallettsville Chamber of Commerce - (361) 798-2662

Hunter Safety Course - Mandatory for anyone born after Sept 2, 1971. Usually a 10 dollar fee.
-Instructors,  Clinton Bippert: (409) 968-5538  La Grange, Texas
                     Lester Woytek: (361) 798-5930
                     Michael Woytek: (361) 798-9118

Hunters for the Hungry - (800) 992-9767 Please donate any surplus deer to this food bank. A donation of 20 dollars may be charged for processing fees 
-Participating meat markets are:
Schulenburg: Willie Joes Processing: (409) 561-8272
Moulton: Patek's (512) 596-9767

Texas Organization of Wildlife Management Associations (TOWMA)
Jack Holman, President: (979) 263-5077
Larry Whigham, Treasurer
TOWMA was formed in 1996 to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information among a growing number of co-ops. Membership includes 44 wildlife management associations that total 1,400,000 acres and 2700 land owners. 


Lavaca WMA Contacts

Tom Grahmann
725 Fostoria
Houston, Texas 77076-4125
H: (713) 697-6522
W: (713) 613-3444 or (800) 992-3647 ext. 3444
F: (713) 680-7378
C: (281) 389-0488


Vice President

Ken Hakemack
4242 FM 2981
La Grange , Texas 78945
H: (979) 249-5242
C:  (409) 224-2410



Wayne Rother


Past President Ed McCrumb Sr.
RR1 Box 69 T
Hallettsville , Texas 77964
H: (361) 798-5765



Bill Walker
213 S Main
Victoria , Texas 77901
Ranch: (361) 798-9994
Phone: (512) 578-9282 or (800) 310-2963
Fax : (512) 572-3775


Director (new) Mike Meitzen


Director (new) Karl Henneke


Vienna WMA Mailing Address RR1 Box 69 T
Hallettsville , Texas 77964



Texas Parks and Wildlife

Lavaca County

KC Hall

Texas Organization of Wildlife Management Associations

Texas Big Game Award 



Pond Boss

Boone and Crockett Club

Pope and Young Club