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  : News : New CD available on May 10th.  Come out and here the acoustic set on May 6th at the Boyd, TX Chili Cook-off 8:00PM to 10:00PM.

The website is still under construction so bear with us as we continue to update the information.

March 16, 2005We finally did it…….Josh and I graduated in December after 17 years of schooling. We even have sheep skins to prove it…..we
will be able to find many uses for those on the road.

For those of you who have been wondering what happened to the King Cone and The Wise Guys…here’s the skinny. First, thank you to my loyal fans in Wise County, Dallas, and Austin for the continued support. We appreciate your patients as we wondered aimlessly down cover band road while attempting to make use of our college professors.

Since January we have gone through quite a metamorphosis. Josh and I have formed a new band comprised of some extremely talented guys from around the metro-plex. We have a new sound and new material……the good stuff we have always wanted to play…..our own. We are still country, but with a quite noticeable rock edge…’ll like it!

Our plan is to make a dent in the Texas music scene, and we will be playing venues close to the DFW, Denton County, Wise County, Austin, and Houston area. We will be playing our material and having as much
fun as possible while trying to make a living doing it. Check the tour schedule and come out to here us……we might surprise you.

We are currently working on two projects. The first is a CD which we are licensing to the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation to help them raise money for their cause. Making Memories is an outstanding organization headed by a mother and daughter from Oregon……if you
have not herd of them check them out

The second is what Josh and I like to think of as our first piece as real musicians. We will be going into the studio in late April and should have
a 4-6 song promo CD in early May. You will be able to get a good taste
of our new stuff when it arrives. Don’t forget to call your favorite country station and request the songs. This is a full time gig for Josh and I and
we need your support. Keep in touch and the word out about King Cone


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