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About Myself.

My name is Jim Morrison and im a huge music buff. Im big on the classic rock side mostly.

Im currently learning to play the acoustic guitar and i happen to own 4, 2 that were given to me and 2 that i bought myself.

i also own 2 electric guitars but im finding that i enjoy the acoustic much more.

some of my favorite bands are Ac/Dc Lynyrd Skynyrd Led Zepplin Alice in Chains CCR Eric Clapton the Eagles.

On the more modern side Nirvana, Seether, Three Days Grace, Finger 11, Incubus, Jet, Hoobastank, Yellowcard.

I also try to keep myself in failry good shape i work out on occasion not as much as i used to though.

Big on sports as well the Tampa Bay Buccanneers are my favorite Football Team.