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Transcription of the letter by William K. Hill
Image of the letter by William K. Hill

Samuel W Hill and Nancy Kuykendall



Name: Samuel W Hill

Birth Date/Place: 7 Oct 1809

Marriage Date/Place: 26 Jul 1832/ Franklin Co, TN

Death Date/Place: 1849

Occupation: Farmer

Father's Father: James Masanaw Hill

Father's Mother: Elizabeth



Name: Nancy Kuykendall

Birth Date/Place: 22 Jul 1811/ Franklin Co, TN

Death Date/Place: 1890/ prob Van Zandt Co, TX

Mother's Father: William Kuykendall

Mother's Mother: Mary Gotcher



Name:  Susan Alina Hill (photo is at

Birth Date/Place: 7 Aug  1833/ Franklin Co, TN

Spouse: Cal Burnett

Death Date/Place: 24 Dec 1912/ White Rose Cemetery, Wills Point, TX



Name:  Elizabeth West Hill

Birth Date/Place:  4th Oct 1835/ Franklin Co, TN

Spouse 1: Dave Morgan

Spouse 2: Matt Rayburn

Death Date/Place: Van Zandt Co, TX



Name: William Kuykendall Hill (photo is at

Birth Date/Place: 31 Jul 1838/ Franklin Co, TN

Spouse: Amanda "Mandy" Meginty

Death Date/Place: abt 1896/ Llano Co, or Bell Co, Texas



Name: Mary Ann Hill (photo is at

Birth Date/Place: 26 Nov 1840/ Desoto Co, MS

Spouse 1: Charles Allison W. Hartgraves/ 3 Feb 1861/Van Zandt Co, TX

Spouse 2: LevyCrow/ Jul 1866/ Van Zandt Co, TX

Death Date/Place:



Name:  James David Hill

Birth Date/Place: 31 Aug 1849/ Texas (prob Smith Co)

Spouse: Lorinda Ratliff

Death Date/Place: 10 Nov 1937/ Knoawa, Seminole Co, OK



The family moved with Nancy's and with Samuel's family from Franklin Co, TN to Desoto Co,

MS to Texas.  Samuel died shortly after they moved to Texas.  In the Texas Scholastic Record of

1854, Nancy is shown to be the guardian of William and Mary Ann Hill.  In 1882 Nancy was

either living with or visiting William K. in Bluffton, Llano Co, TX.


1840 Census, Desoto Co, MS Machine page 115

Hill, Saml. W.  1000010000000 - 110010000000


1860 Census, Van Zandt Co, TX

436/454  Hill, Nancy  40 F  Tn

W. K. ($169)  22 M Fmr  Tn

Mary A  20 F Ms

J. D. 12 M Tx

E.  24 F Tn



Willaim Kuykendall Hill and Amanda Meginty (or Mandy McGinnis)



Name: William Kuykendall Hill

Birth Date/ Place: 21 Jul 1838/ Franklin Co, TN

Marriage Date/ Place:

Death Date/ Place:  abt 1896/ Llano Co, or Bell Co, Texas

Buried:  Unknown

Occupation: Leather-Boot and Saddle maker

Father's Father: Samuel Hill

Father's Mother: Nancy Kuykendall



Name: Amanda Meginty "Mandy McGinnis"

Birth Date/ Place: abt 1849

Death Date/ Place:  abt 1897


Mother's Father:

Mother's Mother:



Name: Clemontine Argain

Birth Date/ Place: 1880 (aft June 18)/ Llano County, TX

Death Date/ Place: Family history gives no accounting of this child.  She may have died young.



Name: John P Hill

Birth Date/Place:  11 Aug 1882/ Llano TX?

Spouse's Name: Ella Rose Lasater

Death Date/Place:  22 Jan 1963/ Terrell, TX



Name: Tinnie Hill

Birth Date/Place: 12 Apr 1884

Spouse #2's Name:  William Francis "Billie" Lasater

Marriage Date/ Place: 22 May 1915/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

Death Date/Place: 24 Oct 1967



Name: William McGinnis Hill

Birth Date/Place: 19 Jun 1888/ Belton, Bell Co, TX

Spouse #2's Name:  Lucy Viola Lasater

Marriage Date/ Place:  4 Feb 1912/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

Death Date/ Place:  3 Oct 1976/ Comanche, Comanche Co, TX

Buried: Pendegrass Cemetery, Sidney, TX


Notes:  Family history tells us that William Kuykendall Hill had a Boot and Saddle Shop

somewhere near Dublin, Texas.  Some of his grandchildren remember seeing a picture of him in

front of the shop.  The picture and the shop are both lost to us today.


1880 Census Llano Co, Texas page 518

Hill Wm   W M 43  Saddler Miss

  Mandy   W F 33 wife  Keeping house  Tex Tex Tex

[note: it seems unlikely that the parents of Mandy Hill (born abt 1847) were born in Texas.

Unlikely, but possible]


The following is a transcribed copy of a letter [image] from W. K. Hill of Bluffton, near Llano, Texas,

written in 1882 to John Wesley Gabbert Barbee and his brother, James Pleasant Henderson

Barbee (sons of Henry H Barbee and Elizabeth Kuykendall.  JW & JB would be WK's first

cousins) then at Days, DeSoto Co, Mississippi.  Syntax errors remain as they appear in the letter.


Bluffton             Llano       Texas

---------             September 19, 1882

Mr JW + JB      Barbee         ?    your

kind letter is at hand in due time

it found all well we was was

quite glad to hear from you All

the connection is all well at this time

we ar livin Near uncle James

Kuykendalls Boys tha ar gettin         [transcriber's note: James Kuykendall's boys would

along very well the times is very       be the sons of James Kuykendall and Dorcus

good in this part we have fine crops    Reynalds.  James was the brother of

you spok of Bein out in Ellis Co        William Kuykendall; he would be

we lived in Vanzandt Co at that time            Nancy Kuykendall's uncle and

at wills Point I have Bin Away 3 years          W.K.'s Great-Uncle.      

from that county left All of mi family   He had moved from Mississippi

thar exsept my wife we Buried 7 children     to Rusk Co. Texas]

in that county we have 1 little girl

with us Now she is 2 year old hir

Name is Clemontine Argain

We have had A hard time sens father

died Mother kep us all together

I will tell you of the deths of the famly

Liser Jain died in smith Co

       Salley died in harison Co

       Elizabeth died in vanzandt Co

Now the Mariages susan married

a man By the name of Call Burnett    [The proper spelling would be Call Barnett]

Elizabeth Married dave Morgan he left

her and then she Maried a man By the Name of Mat Rabun        [also, Rayburn]

Mary An married A man

of Alison Hartgravs he died + she

Maried Levy Crow

James Maried a Ratlif

Susan + Morgan is livin in

Vanzandt Co James is hear

I Maried A Mcginty

we ar Livin on the west side of the

Colorado River Well i have sed

anuff as Mother wants to say

afiew words in Reffirnce to whear

grand Mother is whether livin or Not

in fact she wants to Now all about

Ant salley smith let us now

Who all has died + whar tha

conection is an tell them all

To Rite we want to Now what

has Becom of Lesey Jane Box

Tell all of the conection to rite

at once Just as soon as i can

get mi bisniss so i can leave

it we ar comin to see you

all it is a grate Pleasur to

get your letter give the News

i doo Better Next time mi Bisness

is gettin Better all the time

i have Bilt up a good trade at this

plase i am sellin saddles from $15 to 35

dollars so i close for this time

Excuse the arkerd leter i try to do

Better Next time Rite at once

As ever Yours W.K. Hill


Willaim McGinnis Hill and Lucy Viola Lasater

Name: William McGinnis Hill
Birth Date/ Place: 19 June 1888/ Belton, Bell Co, TX
First Spouse: Hattie Hooper
Marriage Date/ Place:
Second Spouse: Lucy Viola Lasater
Marriage Date/ Place: 4 Feb 1912/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX
Death Date/ Place:  3 Oct 1976/ Comanche, Comanche Co, TX

Buried: Pendegrass Cemetery, Sidney, TX

Occupation: Timberman

Father's Father: William Kuykendall Hill

Father's Mother: Mary Amanda Meginty "Mandy"



Name: Lucy Viola Lasater

Birth Date/ Place: 3 Feb 1895/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

Death Date/ Place: 23 Jun 1961/ Comanche, Comanche Co, TX

Buried: Pendegrass Cemetery, Sidney, TX

Occupation: Housewife

Father's Father: Francis Marion Lasater

Father's Mother: Louisa Bridges



Name: Grace Clementine Hill

Birth Date/Place: 20 Nov 1912/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

Spouse's Name: Marvin Nathaniel Wilkinson

Marriage Date/ Place: 14 Feb 1931

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Ola Mae Hill

Birth Date/Place: 3 Oct 1914/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

First Spouse's Name: ? Clay

Second Spouse's Name: ? Henry

Death Date/Place:11 Aug 1999/ Pendegrass Cemetery, Sidney, TX



Name: Lorene Elizibeth Hill

Birth Date/Place: 2 Feb 1916/ Eldorado, Jackson Co, Oklahoma

Spouse's Name: F.P. Douge Blanton

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Willie Louisa

Birth Date/Place: 24 Mar 1918/ Quinton, Haskell Co, OK

Spouse's Name: W. F. Tiny Blanton

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Perry Dean Hill

Birth Date/Place: 11 Apr 1920/ Myrtle Spr, Van Zandt Co, TX

Spouse's Name: Lenora

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Jackson Marion Hill

Birth Date/Place: 31 Mar 1922 /Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

Spouse's Name: Francis Stone

Death Date/Place: 11 May 1994/ Emerald Hills Memorial Park, Kenedale, TX,



Name: Dorothy Francis Hill

Birth Date/Place: 24 Jun 1923/ Wills Point, Van Zandt Co, TX

Spouses' Names: Martin, Williams, Cryan

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Arthur Lewis

Birth Date/Place: 18 Jun 1925/ Hollis, Harmon Co, OK

Spouse's Name: Dorothy Cathey

Marriage Date/Place: Jul 1950

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Lucy Pearl Hill

Birth Date/Place: 24 Sept 1927/ Woden, Nacogdoches Co, TX

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: William Lynn Hill

Birth Date/Place: 25 Nov 1928/ Woden, Nacogdoches Co, TX

Spouse's Name: Catholene E. Coats

Marriage Date/Place: 2 Sept 1950

Death Date/Place: n/a



Name: Charles Stanley Hill

Birth Date/Place: 7 Jun 1931/ Woden, Nacogdoches Co, TX

Death Date/Place: 21 Aug 1946/ Houston, TX

Buried: Woden, Nacogdoches Co, TX



Name: Bobby Deryl Hill

Birth Date/Place: 31 Aug 1933/ Woden, Nacogdoches Co, TX

Death Date/Place: 1 Jun 1934, Woden, Nacogdoches Co, TX

Buried: Simpson Campground Cemetery



Name: Mary Lou Hill

Birth Date/Place: 8 Aug 1935/ Chireno, Nacogdoches Co, TX

Death Date/Place: 29 May 1963/ Pendegrass Cemetery, Sidney, TX


Biography of William McGinnis Hill and Lucy Viola Lasater

Written by Catholene Coats Hill (daughter-in-law)

Transcribed by, and notes in brackets added by Kendrick Harmon

William McGinnis Hill's father died when he was eight years of age [abt 1896]. His Mother, Amanda, died when he was nine years old [abt 1897].  He was taken to Oklahoma to live with his Uncle Jim [James David] Hill's family.  Things did not work out well there.  For many reasons he felt unwelcome.  His Uncle Jim's wife already had a big family to take care of, and wasn't too pleased to have Will added to the load that she already carried.  There were times that Will felt her animosity.  At the age of twelve or thirteen [abt 1900-1901] , Will ran away.  He made his way to his sister, Tinnie, and her first husband's home in Wills Point.  Tinnie's husband (Hayres) took young Will under his wing and helped him find work.  He taught Will the timber business and how to get along and deal with the world.

Sometime later on, Will was more secure financially  as well as emotionally; he returned to visit Uncle Jim and his family.  Will rode on his own horse, and had on a new set of clothes and felt good showing them that he was alright, and could make it on his own. Will felt some lingering bitterness about his childhood experiences and did not visit or seek out his father and mother's people. His brother John Hill and sister Tinnie and their families and his wife's families became his family.

Will's first wife was Hattie Hooper.  She was the sister of Cliff Hooper, a life long friend of Will Hill.  She died in childbirth. The baby lived a few days and died also.  Tinnie said many years later that she was with Will in Oklahoma when the baby was born. A doctor was in attendance, but was unable to save the mother or child. Tinnie said the baby was a beautiful little girl, and that it just tore Will up to lose both his wife and baby.

Hattie's brother Cliff Hooper and Will Hill's family were life long friends. Will's children called Ciff and his wife "Uncle and Aunt." They remained close friends and sometimes neighbors until they died. Will remained friends and kept in touch with one sister, Pearl Hooper, and a brother of Cliff's.

Will married his second wife, Lucy Viola Lasater, in Willis Point, Texas in Van Zandt County, on Feb. 4, 1912. They were married for 49 years when Lucy passed away on June 23, 1961.

They had 13 children, and apparently had a happy marriage together.  There were 11 children living when Lucy passed away.  One child, Stanley, died at 15, and another one, Bobby Deyrl, died as a baby.  They moved around a lot, with Will following a job or looking for work.  Lucy would just get settled in and get enough beds  for everyone to sleep in, when Will would have to move the family again.  Many times Lucy would have to leave some of her furniture behind.  She told me once, that in the first 20 years of her married life, she was carrying a baby in her arms, or inside her, sometimes both.  Life was not always kind to her, but she loved and took care of her family the best that she could.


Lucy told me (her daughter in law) [Catholene Coats Hill] that the first time she saw Will Hill, she was 12 years old, at her parents home near Wills Point.  There were people visiting the family, with the women inside the house talking or cooking, and with the men on the front porch or front yard talking.  The young children were scattered around outside, playing.  Lucy said that she and her sister looked around the corner of the house to see what was going on at the front of the house.  There was William McGinnis Hill, a tall red-headed young man.  Lucy told her sister, "That is the man I'll marry someday."  Her sister scoffed and made fun of her and said, "You can't marry him, because he is already married."  Lucy said, "I'm going to marry him someday," and she did.  She somehow knew that Will was to be her life mate the first time she saw him.  I felt much the same way when I met her son, William Lynn Hill, many years later.  She did not see Will again until after his first wife died and he came back to Wills Point.  The dates of  their marriage and her birth date make her 17 years old when she married.


Will told me many years later, after Lucy had died, that the first time he went calling on Lucy, he had rented a horse and buggy in Wills Point, and drove out to her parents' home, to take her for a "buggy ride."  Her parents were not home when Will got there, and Lucy refused to go without permission from her parents.  She soon relented after her sisters urged her to "go on, that it would be alright."  They went on a buggy ride, and when they returned, Lucy's parents were there.  They both were a little uneasy, not knowing how her parents would feel about  Lucy going out with Will, without asking them first.  The parents didn't make a fuss about it, and after that, Will came "calling" and "courting" many times.  They eventually were married.


Will talked often of his days working in timber, and of when he was a young man before he married.  He talked of  visiting his Uncle Jim's family, and about the time that he went to a dance there in Oklahoma.  He was dressed in his new Kakie shirt and pants,  and he had on a new western type hat.  He stood with his cousins and talked with them.  During the course of the evening he noticed that some people were watching him, and they seemed to move away from him as he moved about the room.  Will asked one of his cousins, "What's going on?"  It was obvious to him that something was going on.  He was a stranger, but he didn't think that he done anything to offend or make these people shy away from him.  His cousin laughed, and said, "The way you look and are dressed makes people wonder of you are a law man, or 'The Law'."  Will was a tall man and quiet, but authoritatively spoken, and could very easily have been taken for a law man.  Will laughed and told this story many times.


 Will said that there was usually some drinking going on outside the building during these dances.  Arguments and fights would break out, and sometimes gunplay.  Will talked of wanting to go back to that area, and look for bullets lodged in the trees.  He had seen the bullet holes in the trees, and would like to see if he could find any of them.  They planned to go when [William] Lynn [Hill] got some vacation time that year.  Lynn wanted to see the places that his dad had been and lived, and I wanted to go, too.  Will's health deteriorated and he died before we could make that trip.


Will's one big failing was that he loved to drink alcohol.  He believed that it was due him to have a little fun in life.  The only thing was, that money was scarce, and bills had to be paid and food had to be bought.  It just never occurred to Will to pay for the necessities first.  He went every Friday or Saturday night on a round of the local bars, having fun.  Sometimes he took his wife or one of their children.  His children came to resent very much, and to be ashamed that his fun came before any of their needs.  I only saw Mrs. Hill (Lucy) mad a couple of times, and both times it was at Mr. Hill and his drinking.  Her little black eyes could be fierce.  But when it came time to say something to Mr. Hill about him spending so much of his money on booze, she would be over her mad spell by then and she wouldn't say anything.


Their children, today, still laugh at the time their Daddy came home paluted to the gills on whiskey.  Their mother, Lucy, took her husband's bottle of whiskey and poured it into the hog trough.  The hogs drank that whiskey, and they ran around in circles, squeeling.  They said it was a sight to see.  The hogs finally settled down, and slept off their introduction to whiskey.


Will Hill was mostly a likeable man as long as he got his way, and none of the family dared to cross him.  He loved his wife and children and took pride in the fact that none of them ever had to go hungry.  That was more to Lucy Hill's managing than on his caring for the needs of his family.  He was basically a good father to his children.  Most of the discipline fell to Lucy, but Will on occasion would ply a sharp swat to the one needing discipline.  Lynn remembers a time that his father was trying to give his daughter, Dorothy, a whipping for back talking ho him.  Lynn said his dad would hit Dorothy, and Dorothy would hit him back.  It was hard to tell who won.


Will and Lucy still moved around to different places, trying to make a living.  They spent their last years in Sidney, Texas where they bought their first home.