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HALO My favorite hobby is playing with video games. Ever since I was a little boy I have always loved playing video games with my older brother. Even up until today I still play video games by myself and my brother. Playing video games helps me to release my stress, also it relaxes me from a hard and long day of school and work. Playing video games helps me to unwind and have a good time. One of my favorite video games from X-Box is HALO. This game is not like any other game. The X-Box allows the game HALO to have up to four players, which makes the game more intriguing. This game is based on one person is trying to find the other and the only way you can win if you find that person first and shoot them, its like hide and seek but instead of tag you shoot. This game is so basic but I love playing it. I also love this game because I used to have a similar game like that when I was younger and I used to play it with my older brother. This game brings back good childhood memories and it helps me to relax and have a good time whether I am playing alone or with someone else.