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Crafty Granny's Patterns
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Pretty Little Angel Pin

Darling Angel Using Plastic Canvas & Narrow Ribbon

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First let me say, THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN, I make no claims to it. 
I purchased one thru an organization I belong to and have never seen a pattern for it. If the owner of this pattern will let me know I will gladly give them credit here or remove it at their request.

Supply list:
  1. sheet of small count plastic canvas
  2. 3 Rolls1/8 " wide ribbon 3 rolls 1-red,1-white,1-blue or 1-roll for solid color of choice.
  3. 1 Pin back 3/4"
  4. 1 Round 3/4" crystal cut jewel for Head
  5. 1 Star 5/16" crystal cut jewel or 1 Heart shaped 3/8" crystal cut jewel
  6. String of Tiny irradesent pearls cut to 10 beads long for Halo
  7. Beacons Fabri-Tack Permanent Adhesive
  8. Hot Glue Gun and glue
  9. Tooth pick or other small tool like a dental pick

First put a small amount of the glue into a small container i have used a saved paint pot from a kit, let it thicken some and close the top.

Cut your ribbon in 20" lengths for the red and white (dress) and 18" for the blue (wings)

Cut the plastic canvas, wings are 5 mesh wide by 14 mesh long, the body is 10 mesh wide and 17 mesh long. Refer to the photo at right top.

To trim the wings, count 3 mesh up from each end and trim both sides leaving 2 mesh wide, trim the 4 corners, leaving a 3 mesh diagonal, looking like an arrow on each end. clean the edges to be smoothe and neat, take care not to cut too deep opening the mesh.

To trim the body, cut a diaginal on both sides of one end forming an point with 2 mesh wide at tip and 10 mesh across. the point will be 5 mesh on both sides take care not to trim the edges to open the mesh. you need to cut both sides from the other end to leave a 2 mesh wide down to one mesh along back of point forming an arrow.



click on photo to enlarge
Poke the ribbon through the mesh as shown in photo #1 with the toothpick or other tool take a dab of the glue and smear it on about 1/2" of the ribbon and press against the mesh then start weaving the ribbon through the mesh keeping it snug as shown in the following photos.
click on photo o enlarge
click on photo to enlarge

Keep the ribbon smooth and flat as you weave, when you have finished snip the ribbon and smear some glue on the last 1/2' and press down, this is the back of the piece. On the body when you get to say the last 2 passes you might need a thin large eyed needle to thread the ribbon on and feed through the hole.

click on photo to enlarge
click on photo to enlarge

On the empty side, thead the ribbon on the same way, keeping the starting point going from the same direction, you want both ribbons glued side by side and then the ends will be glued on the same side of the body. If using a single color you can work with a longer ribbon and continue on to the second halve but it took me a couple of tries to get it to look right, do what you think is easiest for you.

click on photo to enlarge
To assemble the wings to the body place the body back side down and take the wings front side up lightly squeeze as in the Photo # 5, ( I squeezed too tight with my blue wings and it did break so be careful ). Slip only the ribbon on the front of the body where it is over the ends of the ribbons and the mesh is on the back side, add some Fabre-Tac permanent adhesive, let dry a few minutes.
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Using the hot glue gun, add hot glue to the back of the large jewel and place on th open end for the head, press down good, turn over and add more glue to make a solid glue melting both sides together. Be careful not to touch the jewel it will mar the shiney surface on the back of the jewel and will show through on the front. Never use any other type of adhesive as it will disolve the shiney film on the back and ruin it, I found out by trying several types. If making the Red, White & Blue angel add the Star on the wing as in the photo, if using a solid color you might want the heart instead. Take care with the hot glue as the heart and star are very small to hold, try adding the hot glue to the wing then lay the star or heart on the glue.
click on photo to enlarge
Hot glue the pin on the back, as in Photo # 7, using enough so that it will not pop off later. Make the Halo by putting a dab of hot glue on one end of the bead, hold ends together while it cools, roll betwen fingers when cool to make it smooth add some glue to the back of the head and place halo glued spot in the hot glue and hold with the halo in an upright position until cooled.