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Comal County Grotto
Cave Club

The Comal County Grotto is an informal group of persons interested in caves, caverns, karst, exploration and cave rescue. We have no formal meetings established - just friends getting together. Comal County has close to 480 caves that have been located - not all have been explored. All are on Private property. And we have some of the best caves in Texas. Natural Bridge Caverns, Honey Creek Cave (Texas' longest), Bracken Bat Cave (largest bat colony in the world), Brehmer Cave (established link to the civil war) and others.

The CCG does have a few rules that participants must adhere to:
1. Absolutely no trespassing!
2. Respect property owners wishes.
3. Take nothing from caves.
4. Leave nothing behind.
5. Cave Safely!!!!!

PROJECTS AND TRIPS Summer Cave Project
3-1-4 : Brandon reports significant progress at the deepest point. New lead developing as excavation continues.

Tripod Cave Project
3-1-4 : Brandon reports airflow from several areas. UT Grotto has be persuing these. Steam was rising during sub freezing days in past few weeks.

Double Decker Cave Project
Ledge in "TOO TIGHT" passage breached. Entrance into small crawl did not look overly promising 1-10-04

Date: March , 2004 Project: Summer Cave dig Contact:Email to: or call 210-393-0805

Contact Email to: for information or call 830-620-7372

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January 10-11,2004 Trip Pics
Caving Tip for December 2003

Caving Tip for January 2004



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