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Up Close With Casey Donahew

(Interviewed on March 28, 2005)

Genre: Alternative Country

Home: Burleson, Tx
D.O.B: April 21, 1977
Instruments: electric, acoustic & I also play the harmonica
Favorite Get Away: Shreveport, TX. It's a great place to go when you need a quick weekend away

PC: When did you begin your music career? 

CD: I started learning to play the guitar when I was about 16. Soon after I started writing songs as well.

PC: Who are your main musical influences? 

CD: I would have to say Reckless Kelly, Willie Nelson and of course the King-Elvis.

PC: Where can someone get a copy of your CD? 

CD: They can pick one up at any of our shows or online at Lone Star Music.

PC: If you had to pick a couple of songs you have written or recorded that you are most proud of, what would they be and why? 

CD: I would have to say Stockyards. I wrote that song a while back about the Stockyards in Fort Worth, TX. The song is about my experiences there growing up. Back in my younger years that was the place to be! I think that is one of my songs that lots of people can relate to. There are plenty of people who have their own stories about that place and it's so cool to sing that song and know how many people out there know exactly what I'm talking about. Writing songs that people can relate to and seeing it when your performing is pretty cool.

PC: Do you have a preference when it comes to playing, whether it's acoustic or electric? 

CD: I love the sound of an acoustic guitar but when I'm ready to rock out nothings better then the electric and the feeling I get when I'm playing it.

PC: If you could open for or perform with anyone who would that be and why? 

CD: I would have to say Cross Canadian Ragweed. I love their style of music and I can remember when years ago they were still playing at small bars in the area. We have all watched them grow into one of the fastest growing bands in the state. They have changed the style of country music and opened everyone's mind to a new kind of genre. It would be great to be apart of something like that.

PC: Where would you like to be in 5 years? 

CD: Well I hope I'm still playing and writing music and people are still liking it.

PC: Where is your favorite place to play? 

CD: That would be the Thirsty Armadillo. That was the first bar I ever played at and I' sure there are many others who can say the same. It's a shame that bar closed down.

PC: What CD would be found in your CD player right now? 

CD: I got a mix cd in there right now that I burned. It's got Wade Bowen & Reckless Kelly on it. It's great


The Casey Donahew Band lineup includes:
Casey Donahew (acoustic, vocals & electric)
Brent Wall (lead guitar)
Richard Machuca (drums)
Steve Stone (bass)
Booking Melinda Donahew at 817-614-8067 Email:

Artist URL
Album: "Lost Days" CD
2005 Buy it now at
  1. Stockyards
  2. Lost Days
  3. New Orleans
  4. High
  5. Tulsa
  6. Let It Take Over You
  7. You're Gone
  8. Can't Go Back
  9. Twelve Gauge
  10. Love You Like I Do
  11. Down The Road
  12. Back Home In Texas

In their eagerness to bring a new sound to the country music scene, the members of the Casey Donahew Band have created a unique style that blends traditional country with rock 'n roll and a pop sensibility.

The band's emerging success demonstrates the band member's determination to reach their goal of making a mark in the music industry. The four musicians from Burleson, Texas have put together a rich and powerful blend of strong vocals, amazing lead guitar and solid rhythm that sets them apart from other acts in their genre.

Over the last few years, the band has developed a local following from their regular gigs at local venues such as The Horseman Club, The Aardvark, Overtime Sports bar and The Flying Saucer, among others. They have also played at events such as The Ranch Texas Music Series, The Dallas Observer Street Parties, and a special event for an Arlington mayoral candidate.

Having shared the stage with Cooder Graw, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler and Wade Bowen, they are looking to expand their horizons even further in the coming year.

The Casey Donahew Band have just recently released their first full length CD entitled Lost Days, and the first single "Stockyards," has been receiving air play on 95.9 The Ranch.

In the tradition of such artists as Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed and Jack Ingram, the band are true to their roots, and call their music pure Texas country.

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