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Up Close with Bobby Pounds

(Interviewed on February 10, 2005)

Genre:  Country

Home: Austin, Texas

Birth Date: July 19th

Instruments: Acoustic guitar

Favorite Get Away: My grandparents’ lake cabin in East Texas

Favorite Food: Tex-Mex

PC: When did you begin your music career?

BP: Around 1991, I bought a guitar and taught myself to play through books and began singing in local contests.  I joined my first band later that summer.  I also wrote my first song in 1991.

PC: Who are your main musical influences?

BP: Artist influence has always been George Strait.  He’s so smooth and effortless.  However, like most teens, I grew up listening to rock - Metallica, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, DIO, bands like that.  I still love that whole 80’s hair band and metal genre and I incorporate a little of that rock edge into our live honkytonk shows just to add some energy.  But make no mistake, we are a true honkytonk band!! There are alot of great songwriters that I really like, some right here in Texas.  But when you trim away all of the fat, nobody wrote ‘em like Haggard.

PC: Do you have a CD available for purchase?

BP: A full CD isn’t available yet.  Rather than taking out a loan like alot of musicians or having a backer, I’m financing my CD as I can afford it.  I’m always looking for backers who can believe in what I’m doing.  That would help me get my songs to market a lot quicker. 

I just started recording some songs and I’ve finished three.  I do have a CD of those three songs and I sell those at the shows.  You can hear soundbytes of those songs on my website ( and if somebody likes it, they can send me an email and I’ll arrange to get them one.

PC: If you had to pick a couple of songs you have written or recorded that you are most proud of, what would they be and why?

BP: One would have to be a ballad I wrote called “Maybe Later”.  I have two daughters, ages 6 & 3, and when I get home at the end of the day, they want to play and I’m really tired and I sometimes find myself saying “maybe later”.  It’s very personal, but I think a lot of people with kids would relate.  We had that song on hold with Trace Adkins, then he passed on my song and came out with “Then They Do”, another father/daughter song.  Man, was I disappointed!

Another original that I love is “Footsteps Of A Fool”.  It’s just a full-on, all out honkytonk shuffle, twin fiddles and all.  I could do shuffles all day and never get bored.  I like the lyrics because they’re just so country, you know, lyrics in the “I screwed up and jilted her and now I’m a fool” vein.  In this song, he’s observing her next lover making the same mistakes he did, in essence, “following in the footsteps of a fool”.  Cool song.  I dig it.

PC: Where would you like to be in five years?

BP: Accepting a CMA for writing the Song Of The Year!!!

PC: What's your fondest career memory so far?

BP: Probably getting my first two national cuts as a songwriter.  I wrote two of the songs on Kevin Fowler’s Loose, Loud & Crazy Equity label debut………. “Don’t Touch My Willie” and “Triple Crown”.

PC: If you could do a duet with anyone who would that be and why?

BP: Easy!!  George Strait because chances are it would go Number 1.  That guy could sing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” and it would go Number 1.  But we’d have to do a song that I wrote.

PC: What would you be doing if you didn’t play music or write songs?

BP: I probably would’ve been a sportscaster……….I’m a sports junkie!!!!

PC: What CD would be found in your CD player right now?

BP: Remember that 80’s hair band/metal comment???   Seriously, I think Johnny Bush is in there right now.


Bobby Pounds Music

  1. All of the Above
  2. Gone
  3. Footsteps Of A Fool


Bobby first got into music back in 1990 by singing in local talent contests and teaching himself to play guitar.  He wrote his first song in 1991 when he was a senior at the University of Texas and has been writing songs ever since. He estimates that he’s written over 100 songs, but only a handful of really good ones.  A few of those good ones caught the ear of Mike Daily of George Strait’s Ace in the Hole Band and Bobby had his first songwriting deal back in 1995.  He still works with Mike and Three Aces Music to this day.  He’s won multiple local, national and international awards for his songwriting, has been blessed to share the songwriting stage with such acts as Brad Paisley and Carolyn Dawn Johnson and extremely proud to have shared the stage with the legendary Johnny Gimble on several occasions.

As an artist, Bobby previously fronted his own band, Sierra, in the early and mid 90’s.  Bobby Pounds and Sierra had a great reputation in Central Texas and played many shows with some national acts.  However, Bobby grew tired of performing all of the Top 40 cover songs that the clubs were demanding back then at a time when he was trying to sing and market his own songs, so he quit performing for a few years and focused on his songwriting.  In 1997, he began playing acoustic guitar and singing harmony for the Michael Myers Band.

As a singer and a one-time sideman, Bobby has opened shows for Martina McBride, Ray Price, Mark Collie, David Ball, The Bellamy Brothers, John Conlee and Tracy Byrd.  Bobby’s debut on the Texas music scene is relatively new.  His shows are largely traditional to hard core Country with a rockin’ edge.  His arrangements on classic covers by Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Hank Jr., and others keep the excitement flowing and the people dancing.  He writes songs about taking off of work to go fishing (“Workin’ Hard”), battling Father Time as a musician (“Older By The Song”), and the demands of parenthood (“Maybe Later”).  Two of his latest songs, “Footsteps Of A Fool”, an all-out honkytonk shuffle and “Don’t Touch My Willie”, which will be on Kevin Fowler’s next major label album, have garnered great response as well.

Among his many influences, he credits Merle Haggard, George Strait, Ray Price, Dean Dillon and Jim Lauderdale as having a profound impact on his songwriting and his music.

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