ࡱ> GIF5@ bjbj22 {,XXe(```8$,(B    >>>x(z(z(z(z(z(z($;*R,z(n$>>n$n$(  4(|&|&|&n$  x(|&n$x(|&(|&&&  yR`$d&x((0(&-Z%-&-&>`|&P\ >>>((d | T&(| November 6, 2004 Princess Cruises 24305 Town Center Drive Santa Clarita, CA 91355 Fax: 661-753-1225 Attn: SLL/PDR Dear Princess Cruises, I am writing today to express my interest in the Stage Crew position at sea. Allow me to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Stephanie Berry; I am a graduate of Texas Tech University earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Technology. I recently came across your need for technical staff, and would like to be considered for future employment. Of note on my resume should be my extensive experience with musicals. Most recently I held the position of assistant stage manager for Big League Theatricals National Tour of Miss Saigon. This tour was beneficial in introducing me to the life of living on the road. Although my experience is primarily in stage management, I have had extensive experience on crews in the various disciplines. My strong sense of time management allows for efficiency and creativity in the execution of unexpected situations. In addition to serving on many prop run crews, I have also had the pleasure of serving as Props Master at Texas Tech University for two years. During this time I was responsible for building and locating props as well as some set maintenance. I am looking for a company I can establish myself in and learn from the ground up while creating a friendly environment. I do believe that I have the ambition and dedication that productions such as yours must require. I am very much interested in talking with you about the stage crew position with your company. I will drop an email to  HYPERLINK "mailto:careersatsea@princesscruises.com" careersatsea@princesscruises.com Monday to confirm that I have included all the materials you require. Meanwhile, the best method of communication with me is through either by phone or email. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely, Stephanie Berry EXPERIENCE US National Tour Big League Theatrical Miss Saigon, ASM/Child Wrangler 2004 Hangar Theatre Ithaca, NY The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, SM 2003 Turkey, and Bones, and Eating, and We Liked it, SM Pinocchio, A New Musical, ASM My Fair Lady, Production Assistant Angelfire Mountain Theatre Angelfire, NM Youre a Good Man, Charlie Brown!, SM 2001 Texas Tech University Theatre Lubbock, TX Angles in America: Part One, SM 2003 The Diary of Anne Frank, SM Aye, No!, SM Damn Yankees!, SM 2002 Fall Dance Concert, PSM Spring Dance Concert, PSM 110 in the Shade, SM 2001 Youre a Good Man, Charlie Brown!, SM Echoes of Radioland, SM The Gospel According to Nerf, SM That Thing, Ya Know?, SM 2000 EDUCATION B.F.A, Theatre Arts Design Technology Lubbock, TX Texas Tech University 2003 RELATED EXPERIENCE USITT Stage Management Mentor Project Event Manager 2003/4 UIL Regional One Act Play Stage Manager Event Manager 2003 Texas Tech University Theatre Shop Staff Props Master/Transport 2002/3 REFERENCES Fredrick Christoffel, Chair Theatre and Dance, Texas Tech University (806) 742-3601 fred.christoffel@ttu.edu April Garcia, Co-Worker Center for Orthopedic Surgery (806) 543-2305 enchantedapple22@msn.com Dr. Jonathan Marks, Head of Acting Theatre and Dance, Texas Tech University (806) 742-3601 jonathan.marks@ttu.edu Susan Nichols, Supervisor Department of Radiology, Center for Orthopedic Surgery (806) 797-4985 ext. 108 susannichols@greatbones.com STEPHANIE BERRY STAGE MANAGER (806) 239-3819 6603 3rd St StephanieJBerry@msn.com Lubbock, TX 79416 STEPHANIE BERRY STAGE MANAGER Vhwy!9:opq ,-<EPZ[ⷲ}}hL hLhL h5 hL5hhk6hhk5hhkhkhk5 hk5 h_hoh.OhohF,0JjhF,UjhF,UhF,hoh_hx%CJaJh_h} SCJaJh} S1%=Vhiwxy  &d P gd_gd} Se[  Cwx -Fc`gdgdgdk`gdkgdL$%5BDegirv  (,-AEFG]bcdtvx޴ҡҡҚҚ hhhh6 hhLhLhhL6 hhk hLhkhhL5 h5 hLhL hL5hhk5hhhk6 hk5hk< ')QVWcx!&TVluz{~H˽˽h} Sh;h}KhGt hH5 h_5hHhh5hhL5h h5hLhhL6 hL5 hhLC()c+}~7`gd}K`gd &d P gdkgdkgd7Gab,Fcdeukl|$&d P a$gdo$a$gdogdkgdA $a$gdA `gd}KgdkH`b+,Gbdeu5Okl|ʾʾhx/Ahoh_CJOJQJaJh_ h_5hA h_5H*hA h_5hA h_5CJOJQJaJh_CJOJQJaJh_CJ OJQJaJ hF, h}KhGth;h}KhGthrghHh} S h} Sh} S gdky 0+p ,p-p .p1h/R4 56 7:p_/ =!"#$%DyK !careersatsea@princesscruises.comyK Pmailto:careersatsea@princesscruises.comD@D NormalCJ_HaJmH nHsH tHDA@D Default Paragraph FontViV  Table Normal :V 44 la (k(No List 4@4 kHeader  !4 @4 kFooter  !6U@6 k Hyperlink >*B*ph$L@$ }KDate,%=Vhiwxy[ C w x - F c    ( ) c + } ~  7 G a b ,Fcdeukl|0000000000000000p00000000000000000000000000000000000 00 0 0 00 0 00(0 00 0 0000 00000 00000000000000000@0@0(@0@0@0@0@0@0@0(My0 0qP0hÇ %=hiwy[ C w x - F c    ( ) c + } 7 G a b ,Fcdeuk|0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0 000000(0 0000(0 0000 0 0 080 000000000000000 0\@0@0@0@0@0@0 0''*H 7 9pX@  @ 0(  B S  ?H0(  +RVRVR|[RURVRlSjS[VSUS\VSlVS|VS,VSyVSt\V SV SLP! 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