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Life List

This is a list I started on scraps of paper that I hid in my desk drawers about 10 years ago. I wanted to remember everything I wanted to do in my life. These are in no particular order.

Things I hope to accomplish in the next 50 years:

1. Skydive
2. Bungee-jump
3. Excercise my 2nd amendment right and buy a gun, after I learn how to use it.
4. Go to Europe
5. Live outside the US for at least a year.
6. Buy and learn how to play the violin
7. Water ski often.
8. Rescue horses.
9. Get more involved with the Honors College
10. Learn how to play the cello.
11. Record an album of vocal music.
12. Have at least 2 kids whether by adoption or conception.
13. Ski frequently.
14. Pay for myself to go on a trip
15. Stay with a job for a year or more.
16. Have an at least 3.5 semester GPA.
17. Get pilot's license.
18. Coach a kids sports team.
19. Be President. And, if I fall short, be involved with politics at the national level.
20. Go to a concert outside Texas.
21. Design my house, inside and out.
22. Redecorate and repaint an old house.
23. Buy and learn how to play acoustic guitar.
24. Buy and learn how to play electric guitar.
25. Buy and learn how to play the harp.
26. Learn how to surf.
27. Post my Life's List online.
28. Write music.
29. Go to Mexico
30. Climb one of the world's 7 tallest mountain peaks.
31. Sing in front of more than 1,000 people.
32. Fall in love
33. Sing a piece of music that moves people so deeply, they cry.
34. Live in a state other than Texas for at least a year.
35. Meet and interact with people in a foreign country in their language.
36. Start a successful restaurant before turning 25.
37. Compliment someone every day for a month.
38. Go to Australia.
39. Be Scuba certified
40. Go to Hawaii
41. Take an acting class
42. Go to city swim meet and win a trophy
43. Go on an African safari
44. Buy my parents a new house.
45. Start an animal shelter.
46. Get a B or above in a college math class.
47. Start an online business.
48. Live outside the US for a summer.
49. Have friends that live on other continents
50. Travel to all 7 continents.