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My Roomie's Silly Quotes!

So I'd been putting silly Jenny quotes in my AIM profile, but there are just so many, I'm going to list them here instead... :) They will be updated til she moves out, which will be in the next couple weeks :-( Enjoy for now...

"You know how there are those SlimFast milkshake diets? Yeah, I'm going on the Sonic milkshake diet"

"I'm so famous I'm like Mother Theresa. Oh wait, no maybe like someone that isn't dead. That's disrespectful"


- said as she was waking up at about 1am one morning.

"You and Joely are like old married people"

"I'd hate to see what your kids turn out like. If they're anything like your goldfish, they're gonna be spoiled little brats"

- My goldfish are spoiled. Really spoiled. They have about 10 different types of food, including bloodworms, plankton, and spirulina, which incidentally, is also put in Odwalla's Superfood beverage. Mmm.

"Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.. I would love to have all your babies"

- referring to Johnny Depp

"Hey Ash, look, its me and my two favorite men!" (kisses a bottle of Jack and a picture of Johnny)

- yep, she was sober

"I'm some funny shit, aren't I?"

"Have I drawn my map for you today? The beltway is straight and 45 is a U-shape"

"Fuck! Shit! Bad word, other bad word"

"Now that's some kinky shit"

- said about The Lion King

"My pencil is my bitch"

- ???

"Hey, Ash, look! It's the same dance I did on stage at Frontier Fiesta!" (she proceeds to do a drunken salsa dance thingy)

"Let's start a pretty boy museum!!!"

"Accounting Society... haha.. it's more like the Drunkard Society"

- After we had discussed all of her drinking escapades with her AS buddies...