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Ash's Adornments Online Jewelry Store

Welcome to Ash's Adornments online jewelry store! All of the jewelry on the following pages is hand-made. Some of the jewelry is beaded, and some is made of wire. Each piece is unique, and is ready to order! Please browse the following pages and if you find something you like, please email Please include your name and email address as well as the name of the item you're interested in. In addition, additional pictures are available for every item. If you'd like to be put on the email newsletter mailing list, please also email us and tell us you'd like to be added. Please bookmark my page, as it is being constantly updated with new pieces! Thanks again for stopping by Ash's Adornments little corner of cyberspace, and I hope you enjoy looking at my jewelry as much as I enjoy making it.

...And Now for the Jewelry! Click on links below to see jewelry available to be ordered.

Beaded Pages
Patriotic Pages
Austrian Crystal Pages
Memory Wire Pages
Freshwater Pearls
Wire Pages
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