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Stuff to do over Christmas Break

These are getting crossed off as soon as they get finished...

1. Clean up storage unit.

2. Clean and go through room at home.

3. Clean and go through dorm room.

4. Go through closet at home; give clothes and shoes away.

5. Write business plan for restaurant. (In progress)

6. Go to Denver to do research for restaurant. (Not going to happen til mom's got a better set of knees, but will go to Austin to do research there)

7. Figure out what to do about the bank. Relinquish CEO position? Cash in stock? Sell stock to who? New CEO? (Still am not sure about this)

8. Buy some stock or invest in a mutual fund. AIM Blue Chip fund?

9. Work on savings account. Don't spend so much! (This didn't go so well, I'm broke after buying Christmas presents for everyone)

10. Work on newsletters for the office. Talk to staff about being marketing director.

11. Go to the airport and fly some more.

12. Look into culinary schools. Associate's Degree in Applied Science (Culinary Arts) is offered at Houston's The Art Institute.

13. Study for LSAT.

14. Study for GMAT.

15. Go caroling. (Ack, ddn't get around to this!)

16. Go to church on Christmas Eve.

17. Go to Trellis. (Went to the place by my house and got mani/pedi)

18. Finish Christmas shopping.

19. Work on accounting at the office so I'm in good shape to start intermediate.

20. Review pre-cal to prepare for business cal.

21. Buy plane tickets to DC for inauguration? If yes, book hotel and attain inauguration events tickets? (Nope, not with 2 bad knees)

22. Go skiing? Where? Aspen? (Nope, not with the bad knee)

23. Get dress fitted for Sara's debut.

24. Buy James's boutanier.

25. Find investors for restaurant.

26. Finish resume. (In progress)

27. Find internship for the summer.

28. Have lunch/dinner with Kim, Macki, Whitney, Sara, Thomas, James.

29. Go to N'Awlins? If so, buy plane tickets and book hotel. (Not to be this year)

30. Spend at least 2 hours at Barnes and Noble browsing.

31. Go to Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale.

32. Go to Frederick's of Hollywood and use gift certificate.

33. Research trip to Europe... rail, cities, cost, etc.

34. Look at classes left. Graduate in a year and a half or two and a half years? Still deciding.

35. Road trip to Auburn with Amanda? Maybe in the spring, but not now.

36. Research grad schools. (In progress)

37. Dr. appt. Surgery? If so, when?

38. Research NYC. Shows? Hotel?

39. Talk to Humanities lady and declare all degrees and minors.

40. Talk to Acct dept and see if senior honors thesis can count for auditing, etc.

41. Meet with art advisor... see if 3000/4000 level can count for intro class.

42. Drive around Memorial and look at Christmas lights.

43. Work out at least three times a week and cut back on the carbs. This is off to a good start.

44. Drink more green tea.

45. Learn how to say "Merry Christmas" in at least 10 languages.