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How to know you are going/went to a rich prep school:

Confused about what type of high school you went to? This should clear things up.

Get out a piece of paper and answer T/F to the following:

1. Dooney and Bourke handbags are way low-class. You prefer Prada, Vuitton, or Coach handbags.

2. Abercrombie and Fitch is where you do your weekly, regular clothing shopping. You do go to Old Navy to do some shopping, though, just because Old Navy is a fun place.

3. You get pissed off because you don't have your own private jet.

4. Your family buys a house in Breckenridge instead of Aspen, and you throw a fit.

5. You don't wear pearls to class because pearls are for "wanna-bes" Instead, you wear your 1 carat diamond studs or 1 carat bezeled diamond dangle earrings (set in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum).

6. When it comes to diamonds, Tiffany's is the standard. (Harry Winston is ok, too).

7. To accessorize your uniform, you go to Neiman Marcus and buy cute scarves, earmuffs, or Sarah Jessica Parker's latest "find", UGG boots (which you have to be on a 6 month waiting list for).

8. When a friend asks you what you want for your birthday, money really is no object, and when you tell her you want Tiffany's earrings, your friend asks you if you want gold or platinum.

9. You really don't fit in unless you have at least 1 other house, besides your primary dwelling.

10. You most likely have "toys" that include yachts, sailboats, airplanes, and/or quarter/thouroughbred horses. Plasma tvs, H2s, Kompressors, and personal assistant robots are also acceptable toys.

11. Those horses are close to $1 million each and are lodged at the Polo Club, where the horses' accomodations are better than most peoples'.

12. You spend lots of time at friends 2nd and 3rd houses. These houses are usually either ranches, ski lodges, and/or beach houses.

13. You have gone with friends to New York City or L.A. on a whim for a weekend on one of your private jets.

14. The teachers at school wish they could have your car, because your car costs more than their salary... 2 years' of their salary.

15. If you don't know how to ride a horse, sail, surf, and ski, you are considered a "heathen".

16. You have friends that have 10 houses or more, with at least 5 of them being in: Aspen, Rio, Paris, London, and Rome. One house might be located on a private island.

17. Your school auction raises more than $1.2 million per year.

18. You have connections to really anybody that has any type of (especially corporate) power in the world.

19. You know more than half of the residents of the most exclusive community in the city (in this case, River Oaks).

20. More than 3/4 of your class went to a very ritzy university (including, but not limited to: Pepperdine, USC, SMU, Yale, Harvard, or Stanford). The other 99% of the last 1/4 went to UT or A&M because one or both parents are on the Board.

21. Your parents are on more Boards than you have fingers and toes.

22. You get a new car every year.

23. Neiman Marcus is on your speed dial, and you are on Tiffany's speed dial.

24. You really wanted to get a friend a car for his/her birthday, but they already had 5.

25. You didn't have to call any friends while in D.C. for George W's inauguration in 2000 to update them on the parties, balls and such, because they were there too.

26. You and your friends are all members at the same exclusive country club.

27. You, and all of your friends Debut.

28. Your school takes off close to a month for the Rodeo, because everyone goes every night, because they all own ranches and listen to country music on a regular basis.

29. Your school's students and your 2 rival rich school students have more money combined than square feet in Alaska.

30. You have a friend that is dating a rock star/price of foreign country/CEO of a financial institution.

31. You know someone who owns a vineyard.

32. One or both of your parents are neurosurgeons.

33. When your have your coffee clatch on thursday morning, and your and your friends' dads come with you, everyone else thinks an important event is taking place.

34. You or one of your friends owns a financial institution (eg a financial services company, a bank, etc.)

35. And finally, you have more than one friend that is a price/princess/duke/duchess/etc of another country.

Ok... so tally up how many questions you answered as "true".

If you answered...
Fewer than 10 as true: Don't worry, you went to a normal highschool.
10-20 as true: You probably went to a school like Taylor in Katy, where the kids are better off than most.
21 to 30: You sound like a Lamar kid to me. Your public high school is probably in an exclusive community, and, in fact, you have more money than most kids that go to Catholic school.
31 and over: Damn. Sounds like you went to either St. John's, Kinkaid or Episcopal. You have my sympathy.