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Ideas for Beaded Jewelry

Here are some ideas for beaded jewelry. When it comes to beads, just about anything is possible. You can have a single strand of beads, or multiple strands. You can have a color theme, or have all different colored beads. You can use small or large beads. The possibilities are endless. Below are some designs and themes that might be helpful when you design your own. Please email for more information.

Basic Blue and Green Bracelet

Here is the most basic of basic bracelets. It is one strand of beads with a simple lobster clasp and loop. This one has a blue and green theme, and contains some semi-precious stones.

Pink Cross Bracelet

This is a basic single-strand bracelet with a charm on it. It has a pink and purple theme. This bracelet also has a bar-and-circle style clasp that is in the shape of a heart.

Patriotic Single-Strand Bracelet

This is a great example of a patriotic-themed bracelet. It is also a great example of a single-strand bracelet. This bracelet also has a bar-and-circle style clasp.