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Ash's Austrian Crystal Jewelry - Page 1

Austrian Crystal jewelry is perhaps the most timeless and classic jewelry available. All of my Austrian Crystal jewelry is handmade with real Austrian Crystals (not the fake ones!!!). The crystals sparkle all the time, and they look especially beautiful in groups. Please enjoy my Austrian Crystals pieces!

Red, Black, Clear, and Silver Austrian Crystal Stretch Bracelets

These two bracelets would go very well together. The one on the left has 9 large circular deep red crystals surrounded by smaller deep red crystals. The bugle beads between the red crystals are black. The bracelet on the right boasts large diamond-shaped clear crystals, with small deep red crystals in between, with silver spacers. These bracelets would go well with anything, from casual to dressy. Both are stretchy and will fit any size wrist.

Deep red and black bracelet: $12.

Clear and deep red bracelet: $12.

Both: $22.

Pink Crystal and Bugle Bracelet

Large circular pink crystals are separated by smaller pink crystals with pink bugle beads in between. Very pretty pink, and would definitely be great as a casual or dressy piece. This bracelet is stretchy and will fit any size wrist. $12.

Green and Red Austrian Crystal Bracelet

Although this bracelet contains green and red crystals, it is far form looking like it should be worn only at Christmastime. It has very large round green crystals, as well as smaller red round crystals, accented by tiny diamond-shaped crystals. Especially sparkly with the large green crystals. Stretchy, so will fit any size wrist.

$17 each, or 3/$45.