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If you would like to see photos of Port Arthur Youth and Government students participating in the District Convention,

click on the camera icon below.

District 2002
District 2003
District 2004
District 2005

State Conference

The State Conference is held in Austin, Texas at the beginning of each year. Students will stay at the Renaissance Hotel and either participate in activities at the hotel or at the Texas Capitol Building.

If you would like to see photos of Port Arthur Youth and Government students participating in the State Convention,

click on the camera icon below.

State 2003

State 2004

State 2005

State 2006

Youth & Government Code of Conduct

As a member of a YMCA sponsored program and in conformity with the basic purpose of the YMCA, I agree with and will observe the following principles as my personal code of conduct while attending the Youth and Government Program Conferences.

I understand that violations of the Codes of Conduct will result in disciplinary actions by the Conference leadership, parent/guardian and the appropriate legal authority.

I will conduct myself at all times in a wya which reflects good conduct and sense of responsibility, remembering the YMCA values; respect, responsibility caring and honesty.

I will observe all curfews as set by the conference.

I will not bring, obtain, possess or use alcohol, or other drugs either enroute or at the conferences.

I agree to help all delegates.

I agree to avoid violations and violators.

I will be present and punctual to all meetings.

I will have the greatest respect for all facilities that we use for our conferences.

I will not visit other participant's rooms and only visit in the Lobby area.

Dress Code

The following is the Dress Code established by the Youth and Government Board:

WOMEN: Dresses, skirts/blouses or coordinated skirt/blouse/blazer will be worn by women at all sessions. Pantsuits are acceptable as long as there is a coordinating jacket.

MEN: Coats and ties will be worn at all sessions by men.

Denim material in any form is not to be allowed for men or women (ie. slacks, skirts, dresses, or suits.) Any times or activities where the Dress Code will not be in effect will be announced.

Action by the Youth Legislature to change the Dress code will be ruled out-of-order.