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We play to win! We're SLYTHERIN!


Enter the Slytherin Common Room by knocking on the door below and giving the password!

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Slytherin Roster


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House Cup Champions - June 2004
House Cup Champions - May 2004
House Cup Champions - April 2004
House Cup Champions - March 2004
House Cup Champions - February 2004
House Cup Champions - January 2004
House Cup Champions - December 2003
House Cup Champions - February 2002
House Cup Champions - November 2001


Slytherin House Members Roster

RPG A.K.A.'s
Professor Snape Head of House 12 3/4 in., Ebony &
Dragon Heartstring
Faust (black vulture) Blood Sausage,
Veuve Clicquot
Lyon Prefect  9 in, Oak & Dragon's
Tooth & Tear
 Nightshade,  Belladonna
(Great Horned owls)
(Prefers Chocolate)
Sinaja Yaida Prefect 11 1/2 in, Ashwood &
Dragon's Heartstring
Dominus (Siberian wolf) None Cynth Basarab
Daphne Returning Student 12 3/4 in, Oak &
Basilisk's Fang
Sparkle (phoenix), Snowy
(owl), Goldy (winged lion)
Meshell Mybell New Student 14 in, Holly &
Unicorn Hair
Desdemona (fruit bat) Champgne, Cherry,
Manda  New Student 13 in, Rosewood &
Phoenix Feather

How to Acquire Slytherin Password

1. We can only give out the password to a limited number of new members each month.
2. You can only be admitted into one house and therefore can only receive the password to one house.
3. You must be sorted into Slytherin by our Sorting Hat before requesting the Slytherin password. 
4. Whether you opt to use the automatic sorter or the self-sorter, and whether you submit your self-sort scores or compute them yourself, you will be instructed to send your password request by owl. 
5. Once we receive your request, we will send the password to you if it is available at that time. Owl travel time varies, however, and could take several days, or in certain circumstances, several weeks. Alternatively, you might receive it immediately..
6. The password gives you access to visit the Slytherin common room, but it doesn't automatically make you an official house member. See the rules on becoming an official student below.

How to Become an Official Student

To become an official Slytherin House Member, you must follow these steps in this order:
1. Get sorted into Slytherin (as explained above) and acquire the password, if it is available.
2. Use the password to visit the Slytherin common room.
3. Register as a member of our HPThemePark forum, where the Slytherin common room is located.
4. Subscribe to the Slytherin mailing list. Once you are subscribed, you will receive instructions on how to enroll and you'll begin receiving the Slytherin gazette.
5. Reply to the "Please Introduce Yourself" message located near the top of the Slytherin common room board.
6. If there is room for you in Slytherin,you will be placed on the house roster. 
7. Once you are on the roster, you may begin submitting assignments and earning points.
This process can take several days. Please be patient.