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Virtual Legal Assistance

About us:

A Virtual Assistant Provides Business Assistance on Demand Outsourcing administrative and clerical tasks is a viable and economical way to handle business matters--from routine to complicated tasks. Virtual assistants use today's technology to provide affordable, accurate, and professional business support. Virtual assistants are highly trained in use of the Internet and various software products, making remote support an economical solution.


People who need VA's are small firms with limited resources, self- employed entrepreneurs, executives who travel, new business start-ups, sales professionals who want that personal touch to create a more professional appearance.

Could you use a virtual assistant? Take a look at the following:

- Are you a small business with no regular staff?
- Do you occasionally have work that you or your employees can't handle?
- Do you have an emergency task but it's off-work hours?
- Would it take up too much of your employees' time?
- Are you able to handle 90% of the business, but the other 10% runs your life?
- Do you really want an employee but it just isn't practical?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should hire a virtual assistant. Virtual Legal Assistance provides office support and administrative assistance on an outsourced basis.

You're the captain--we're the crew!

Outsourcing doesn't mean you relinquish control of your work. It means you forward it to an independent contractor who specializes in business support. As a virtual assistant, our primary role is to process your work to your complete satisfaction--and to ours. You're our client. Unlike "temps," we care about the viability of your business. We are not there solely for the paycheck. We are there for the survival of your business--and ours.

We want you to tell us what you need. We want you to allow us to complete the job in a professional, cost efficient manner. If your business succeeds, then our business succeeds. It's as simple as that.

Okay, so they can sing and dance. Why should we hire them?

That's simple. We improve your bottom line.
Virtual Assistants don't talk on the phone on your time.
. We don't call in sick and have you pay us anyway.
We don't take a vacation that you pay for.
We can't get hurt doing your work and have your insurance company pay us.
We don't take up space in your office.
We don't work on your equipment.

Work assignments are communicated through email, fax, telephone, snail-mail, diskettes, or zip disks . Geographical location is no hindrance.

Call us: 972-475-2436 or email: