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Why not join the DFW Allanté Enthusiasts
Use this online form to join the
DFW Allanté Chapter
"The Allante Club of America"

Fill in the requested data, copy to an email and submit the Form to

DFW Allanté Chapter

You may also print this order form and fax it to:

DFW Allanté Chapter
J W McEntee
702 Ashbrook Ct
Euless, TX 76039-4086
Phone: (817) 707-3780
Fax: (817) 684-4083
E-mail: Attn:DFW Allanté Chapter

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August 8, 2005 -- Online application submittal is temporarily unavailable
Just fill in the blanks, make a copy
paste your information to the email address above and send
Thank you for your patience'
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