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Test 2b and Final

Copy and Paste into your word processing program and bring Dec. 3rd or 5th and you will be done.

Questions 1 -- 30 are 2b and 31 -- 75 are final Good luck.

1 (Menkaure and his wife) The strict frontality and immobile quality in this double portrait sculpture provide a clue that it was made in ancient: A) Greece B) Rome C) Egypt D) China E) Cyprus

2 A French sculptor of the 19th century made this work to commemorate a tragedy in the city of Calais. The sculptor was: A) Turrell B) Segal C) Rodin D) Degas E) Matisse

3 sculpture by Deborah Butterfield was created by which of these methods? A) modeling B) direct casting C) lost-wax casting D) assembling E) carving

4 Whenever you make an ice cube, you are, in effect, making a ______________________. A) asssembling B) casting C) carving D) relief E) model

5 High-relief sculpture ____________________________. A) is carved fully in the round B) uses the lost-wax casting method C) projects only slightly from a background D) projects by at least half its depth from a background E) is a type of additive sculpture

6 Which 20th-century English artist sculpts abstract human forms to explore the body's visual harmonies with landscape? A) Red Grooms B) Christo C) Henry Moore D) Jeff Koons E) Alexander Calder

7 A mobile is a sculpture that ___________________________. A) can be exhibited outdoors B) incorporates motion C) is made from metal D) should best be viewed from all sides E) deals with the family

8 The word ___________________ is used to describe sculptures in which the figure is portrayed in a natural, relaxed, S-curve suggestive of motion. A) frontality B) sinuous C) flexible D) relief E) contrapposto

9 sculptural method that generally involves the use of molten (superheated) metal is called _________________. A) modeling B) carving C) assembling D) casting E) equestrian

9 Carving is a process for sculpture in which the two principal materials are ______________. A) wood and steel B) wood and plastic C) wood and stone D) stone and metal E) metal and plastic

10 The coins we use as money usually have a sculptural design in ____________________. A) high relief B) low relief C) reverse D) negative mold E) lost-wax casting

11 The public viewers of Richard Serra's Tilted Arc overwhelmingly voted to keep the work in its original setting. T or F

12 A marble sculpture by Michelangelo would be a good example of the carving method. T or F

13 Modeling for sculpture is usually associated with clay, but wax and plaster are also common. T or F

14 The Serpent Mound in Ohio was created by Spanish conquistadors. T or F

10 pts 15 Identify the four basic methods of making sculpture, with specific reference to one work in each category.

16 This domed building in Rome, dating from the 2nd century, was intended as a temple for “all the gods.” It is called the: A) Forum B) Colosseum C) Pantheon D) Parthenon E) Hippodrome

17 (: Wright, Fallingwater, ) This building was designed by its architect to have two terraces of horizontal forms supported at only one end and jutting out into space at the other end. The term for these horizontal forms is which of these? A) pendentive B) architrave C) pediment D) lintel E) cantilever

18 Temple of Athena Nike, Athens) This ancient temple in Athens is located on a hilltop site called the ____________________. A) Colosseum B) Parthenon C) Acropolis D) Pantheon E) Corinthia

19 : Pont du Gard) This unusual structure, which has two functions as bridge and aqueduct, stands as a tribute to the engineering skills of what civilization? A) Greek B) Medieval French C) Egyptian D) Roman E) Chinese

20 Nave, Reims Cathedral) The style of architecture that is represented by this structure is which of these? A) Romanesque B) Gothis C) International D) Postmodern E) Byzantine

21 In 1889 ___________________ built a skeleton iron structure nearly a thousand feet tall to act as a centerpiece for the Paris World's Fair. A) Paxton B) Le Corbusier C) Eiffel D) Bartholdi E) Perrault

22 When a horizontal architectural form is supported at only one end and extends into space at the other, the form is called __________________________. A) extension B) suspension C) compression D) cantilever E) projectile

23 A _______________________ is sometimes thought of as an arch rotated 360 degrees on its axis. A) flying buttress B) dome C) cantilever D) tunnel vault E) barrel vault

24 A “flying buttress” is an arched exterior support typically found on ___________________. A) a Greek temple B) a Romanesque cathedral C) a Gothic cathedral D) an Islamic mosque E) a Roman bridge

25 Moshe Safdie's experimental apartment complex, assembled from prefabricated boxlike units, is known as _____________________. A) Futurama B) Expo C) Cubistadt D) Canada House E) Habitat

26 Gothic builders strengthened their walls with external supports called which of these terms? A) cantilevers B) buttresses C) barrel vaults D) naves E) ribs

27 Round opening at the top of a dome, such as that of the Pantheon, is called what? A) barrell B) coffer C) pendentive D) architrave E) oculus

28 Benjamin Franklin designed the first buildings of the University of Virgina. T or F

29 The Zuni and Hopi Indians make doll-size versions of their spirits as educational playthings with which to teach their children to identify and understand the spirit beings. What are these dolls called? A) dreamings B) duk duk C) Huari D) Mimbres E) kachina

30 Teotihuacán, Mexico When the Aztecs discovered this gigantic structure in the abandoned city of Teotihuacan, what name did they give it? A) the Major Mound B) the Ziggurat of Ur C) Chimú City D) The Pyramid of the Sun E) The Great Pyramid of Giza

Begin Final exam.

31 What people built the Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde, Colorado? A) Anasazi B) Lakota C) Mound Builders D) Inca E) Maya

32. Akhenaten attempted to establish monotheism in Egypt. T or F

33 While Alice Neel is most famous for her portraits, which of these artists is known for his nudes and his grandfather's fame? A) Jackson Pollock B) Roy Lichtenstein C) Lucian Freud D) Jean-Michel Basquiat E) Willem de Kooning

34 Robert Rauschenberg's Factum II is representative of what the artist called a “combine painting.” T or F

35 The “New York School” and “action painting” are terms often used to describe Abstract Expressionism. True or False

36 Les Demoiselles d'Avignon) Picasso painted this famous work in 1907; it shows his growing interest in: A) Chinese and Japanese art B) French and German art C) African and Iberian art D) Greek and Roman art E) Abstract Expressionism

37 La Grande Odalisque This is a painting by the most prominent Neoclassical artist of the 19th century, whose name was: A) Delacroix B) Courbet C) Manet D) Bonheur E) Ingres

38 The Persistence of Memory) Some people refer to this Surrealist painting as “the melted watches,” but its real title is The Persistence of Memory. The artist is: A) Salvador Dali B) Marcel Duchamp C) Joan Miró D) Paul Klee E) Pat Rolex

39 Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe) Critics and the public alike abhorred this landmark painting by Manet because it: A) showed a nude woman without any conventional reason for her nudity B) took an unusual approach to light C) flattened three-dimensional forms into planes D) borrowed elements from earlier masterpieces E) all of the above

40 Gare Saint-Lazare) The artist of this painting is often considered to have been the most “committed” of the Impressionists. His subjects included cathedrals, waterlilies, haystacks, and this train station filled with smoke and light. A) Renoir B) Manet C) Monet D) Degas E) Morisot

41 , Aspects of Negro Life: From Slavery through Reconstruction) This is a mural by Aaron Douglas, whose work is associated with: A) Impressionism B) the Harlem Renaissance C) Surrealism D) Expressionism E) the Bauhaus

42 Van Gogh, Cézanne, Gauguin, and Seurat are the artists most often associated with ___________________. A) Impressionism B) Post-Impressionism C) Romanticism D) Realism E) Expressionism

43 An early-20th-century painting style, explored by Picasso and Braque, in which forms were flattened into planes and facets was called ____________________________. A) Fauvism B) Cubism C) Abstract Expressionism D) Surrealism E) Minimal Art

44 The Surrealists sought to ___________________________. A) create multiple points of view B) probe the unconscious C) create absurd art D) capture the transitory effects of light E) re-create the exact appearance of the natural world

45 Pablo Picasso was born in ________________________________. A) Italy B) France C) Spain D) the United States E) Brazil

46 Which movement was formulated in the 1920s as an outgrowth of Dada? A) Surrealism B) Fauvism C) Cubism D) Romanticism E) Futurism

47 Realism and Impressionism are two important 20th-century movements in art. T or F

48 Manet's painting Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe shows a kind of outdoor picnic.

49 Although they worked at the same time, Paul Gauguin and Vincent van Gogh never met. T or F

50 George Caleb Bingham, born in America and self-taught, was the first major painter to live and work west of the Mississippi. T or F

51 Purse cover, This ornate gold and enamel purse cover, with designs similar to those of Irish illuminators, was found in the grave of _____________________________. A) an Egyptian king B) a Viking prince C) a citizen of Pompeii D) a Byzantine emperor E) an East Anglian king

52 : West façade, Chartres Cathedral) This great cathedral, built mainly during the 13th century, has pointed arches, tall spires, and many sculptures on the outside. Its architecture is: A) Byzantine B) Romanesque C) Gothic D) Carolingian E) Roman

53 The octagonal church called San Vitale,in Ravenna, Italy was the inspiration for which emperor's personal chapel? A) Constantine B) Charlemagne C) Otto D) Napolean E) Assisi

54 Much ornate animal-style art has been found near London, England, as part of a burial in a Viking's _________________________. A) tomb B) ship C) palace D) treasure chest E) manuscript

55 During the Middle Ages the practice arose of elaborately hand-painting manuscripts. This was known as __________________________. A) illumination B) decoration C) scriptoration D) calligraphy E) animation

56 Th e modern city that was once known as Byzantio and Constantinople now is called by what name? A) London B) Paris C) Ravenna D) Venice E) Istanbul

57 Old St. Peter's in Rome was built on the spot where it was believed the Apostle Peter had been buried. T or F

58 All the sculptures at Chartres Cathedral are inside the church itself.

59 Michelangelo, David) The sculptor of this work began carving it when he was only twenty-six years old, but he had already established an important reputation. Who was he? A) Donatello B) Michelangelo C) Leonardo D) Ghiberti E) Botticelli

60 , Sistine Chapel ceiling frescoes) Michelangelo painted this complex image on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. His medium was _________________________. A) oil paint B) tempera C) watercolor D) fresco E) encaustic

61 , The Crucifixion) A northern European artist painted this harsh, shocking image of the Crucifixion for the altarpiece of a hospital. Who was he? A) Albrecht Dürer B) Rogier van der Weyden C) Matthias Grünewald D) Robert Campin E) Pieter Bruegel

62 The Renaissance belief that humankind was not worthless in the eyes of God as the Church had taught during the Middle Ages has come to be known as which of the following? A) Mannerism B) Protestantism C) Inquisition D) patronage E) Humanism

63 Michelangelo created a monumental statue of what religious figure to serve as a symbol of the new Florentine republic? A) Noah B) Adam C) Pope Julius II D) David E) St. Paul

64 Michelangelo was the architect of the dome of St Peter's Basilica T or F

65 Judith and Maidservant with Head of Holofernes) The artist of this painting, who worked in the 17th century, did several large canvases on the subject of the biblical heroine Judith. The painting is noteworthy for its dramatic use of light. The artist's name is: A) Gianlorenzo Bernini B) Caravaggio C) Artemisia Gentileschi D) Peter Paul Rubens E) Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun

66 The Night Watch) This painting still is generally referred to as The Night Watch, because for many years layers of varnish and dirt made it seem like a nighttime scene. A cleaning restored its bright colors. The artist is: A) Peter Paul Rubens B) Diego Velázquez C) Caravaggio D) Rembrandt E) Jan Vermeer

67 Las Meninas) A great Spanish artist created this intriguing work, which depicts part of the Spanish royal family. The painter was: A) Goya B) Picasso C) Velázquez D) Caravaggio E) Tintoretto

68 , The Entombment of Christ) The artist of this work was known for his dynamic, energetic composition and attention to fine details, as well as for his theatrical lighting effects and unusual points of view. Which of these artists painted this work? A) Rembrandt B) Velázquez C) Poussin D) Caravaggio E) Rubens

69 : Copley A brilliant Colonial American artist painted this portrait of: A) George Washington B) Paul Revere C) Cotton Mather D) Benjamin Franklin E) Benedict Arnold

70 Death of Marat) This painting by David memorializes the death of a major figure in the French Revolution. This work represents what style of painting that has come to be associated with the revolution and David? A) genre B) Baroque C) Rococo D) Neoclassicism E) hierarchic scale

71 Bernini's St. Teresa in Ecstasy portrays the saint being visited by a(n) _________________. A) angel B) devil C) priest D) servant E) bishop

72 King Louis XIV of France commissioned extensive renovations and additions to the _______________, where he moved his court in 1682. A) Louvre Palace B) Palace of Versailles C) Place de l'Etoile D) Amalienburg E) Ile-de-France

73 Artemisia Gentileschi was a true Baroque artist in that she used pose, lighting, and gesture for theatrical effect. T or F

74 Jacques-Louis David was an artist closely associated with the French Revolution. T or F

75 Rococo is an art primarily associated with the French upper classes. It means "like chocolate". T or F